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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Surviving Testing

Students taking the MCAS at Ford School are increasing their chances of survival from this testing trauma thanks to the help provided by the kindergarten class. After joining them in a kick-off pep rally the kindergarten presented the testing class each with a kit packed with items to assist them in their recovery from this ordeal.

After caressing their kits for good luck just like a rabbit's foot, the students passed them in for safe keeping until the test is over and it's time for recovery. Kits included various items with clever instructions like Smarties to remind students "You are what you eat".

This idea not only benefits the test takers themselves but helps with premeditated worry for the future kids. Now if they only had a survival kit for bloggers.


  1. I love the survival kits! Do you know what were in the kits? So sweet.

  2. a paperclip, rubber band, eraser, lifesaver, sweeties, tissue, and toothpick along with cute little directions for each. Everything was placed in a little plastic bag,

  3. Stanley,

    A Ford Survival Kit for it...this is a great idea! Who came up with the idea? When I go to the Craft Shows they charge $5.00 each for kit...what a nice suggestion to keep everyone motivated!

    Good work Ford!

  4. What an awesome idea. I hope that they keep it going. These kindergarten kids will always remember and look forward to test day when it is their turn.

  5. I agree Rick. The idea is a stress reliever for everybody. I wish it had been MY idea.

  6. How about SURVIVAL KITS for parents of SPED children?
    We need them to deal with LPS SPED ADMINISTRATION and SCHOOL COMMITTEE!!!!!

  7. at least they should offer a cynadide pill.

  8. cyanide? I should look it up in the dictionary but...