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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Should We Ask For Autographs?

After being at the LSC meeting, our honorable mayor, diva that she is now straight off a movie appearance, announces to the crowd, "Smile, you're on LynnCam" (Boy I'm glad I shaved tonight).  The much promised and anticipated coverage is finally here. I really don't think it was appropriate if not downright illegal to film people without their knowledge. Attorney Mihos how about it?

Our esteemed mayor must not have foreseen any problems and she is a lawyer too. Maybe though, she couldn't see it coming because the bright lights of stardom were in her eyes.

A lot of credit goes to Seth at Lynnhappens who has recently been providing a camera for video coverage of the meetings. This Lynncam coverage has been promised for a while and I think his coverage of the meetings put a little fire under the powers that be. That is only my opinion and in no way reflects the opinion of the rest of the staff here at Lynn School Watch (Wait I am the rest of the staff, so I guess it does)

As I was leaving the meeting, LSC member Rick Starbard was talking with me about the broadcast. I told him, "I hope the camera caught my good side". He said, "It did Stan. It caught your back side".

Frankly I was more than a little troubled and concerned by that response from Rick. Last I knew, that is not the location of your "Happy Place". (Lois - no charge for that plug of your business)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clay Muddies The Field

Say hey CLAY, I was done. There was some DIRT in your past. I brought it to some people's attention, were given the opportunity to respond. You correctly pointed out that that you were not convicted (I never went to law school but I think that doesn't necessarily mean INNOCENT).

In your response to me, which I printed because I want to be fair, YOU ADMITTED to SEXUAL BANTER with a 13 year old. My daughter will be 13 in August. So news of your past ARREST upset me a little but I was not going to go any further with it.

Then I get a note from Facebook that someone "liked" the comment I made to CLAY after his fundraiser but before I learned about his ARREST. It was still posted on his campaign Facebook page right down from his picture with Senator Scott Brown. In them I stated his interest in school related issues was important since half the city's budget goes to to the schools. With everything that has come to light, I did not want my comments to be construed as an endorsement.

So I added a comment to that statement to clarify the situation. I find out later that my newest comment had been removed while at the same time my earlier comment remained looking like an endorsement. PRETTY SLEAZY.


Buzzy Wasn't Fuzzy, Was He?

The Daily Item: Lynn English hoops coach suspended

Everybody knows nothing is more political than kids sports. All of us grownups are a little guilty of at least living a little vicariously through our kids. Still I got to wonder if Councillor-At- Large Candidate went a little too far.

Yeah I know, this is an old story. Was there an appeal? If so I don't think it made the papers. I am a little uncomfortable that someone in Buzzy's position couldn't play by the rules. What is also disconcerting is that his principal, Andy Fila, is also cited for the same violation has since retired and been appointed education liaison or whatever title by Mayor Kennedy (maybe I'd better play it safe and lay low since "I" was appointed to a "Disability Commission" by the same Mayor - NAH!).

Do we really want people who can't follow rules in positions affecting policy? I don't want to be accused of just slinging mud (really I bath regularly) so I am perfectly willing to publish any responses like I did for CLAY WALSH. I can be wrong, remember, 4 wives.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

With All The Trouble At LYNNCAM, Mayor Kennedy's Movie Role, Still More Television News!

Announcing a new reality series from the producers who have WATCHED the "Real Housewives" family of series on the cable channel, BRAVO. A hard hitting expose of what life is like in the LYNN PUBLIC SCHOOL system, "The Real Teachers Of Lynn Public Schools" will allow viewers the opportunity to experience the drama of what life is like in our classrooms.

Teachers have to go without any pay raise in the past three years, failing schools, and tattered textbooks were not reason enough to stop Superintendent Latham from proposing the addition of  a six-figure Deputy Superintendent's position.

Most students are denied access to a full service library. Questions about the significance of the value placed on reading, since most reading takes place with BOOKS and BOOKS are kept in a LIBRARY.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Was The Late Walter Cronkite Talking About Lynn Public Schools?

"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation."

How can we not have libraries in every school if we hope to improve our status as a failing district? We had enough money to add a potential Deputy Superintendent with all the expenses that go along with it.

Libraries are the foundation of reading and reading is where learning starts.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is This An Endorsement?

After going to the World Folk Fest at Lynn Heritage Park to hear my daughter, Asiah, a Marshall student, sing I dropped in the Lazy Dog Sports Bar to attend a fund raiser for DELORES DiFILLPO (the fact that I spelled out her name speaks volumes about my support).

If the size of the crowd is any indication, the future looks bright for DELORES. Speaking of the crowd, CHARLIE GALLO was there (he looked sharp but he's no GQ). A theme for this event  was "The need  for change".

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Somebody Needs A Makeover

As this article in today's ITEM points out the LVTI problem is a perception problem. But to think that you are going to change that by adding a few "Honors" or AP classes is just admitting defeat. It is just saying " we weren't good enough for you so we'll change to be more like everybody else". Different is not always inferior, it's just different.

I think Dr. Latham and Paradise are locked failing mindset and need instead to focus on the uniqueness of an LVTI education and promote its value. I was at the LSC meeting a while back where Rick Starbard tried to get them to consider opening it up to outside placements. He was shot down with several defeatist responses. We need to be proud of what we have and tout it as a solution, not a problem.

Marshall Student To Finally Perform

From "The Highlands Watch":

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Only A Day Away, World Folk Festival Finally Arrives

Tomorrow, tomorrow., the sun will come out tomorrow. Sounds of music will fill the air instead of drops of rain. Highlands resident and daughter of Highlands Coalition board member and author of this blog, Asiah Wotring will open the festival with her much anticipated rendition of the classic, "Lean On Me".

To enjoy this and a wide variety of other performances come to Heritage Park in Lynn from 12 to 8 pm, tomorrow June 26.

You can rest assured, I am completely unbiased in my reporting like I always am.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Won't Be Checking Out Books, But.....

Classes may have ended today for students this year but school is not over. Education goes on, over the summer and over your life. I looking forward to my new role as Treasurer of PAC and learning more about all the relevant issues and ways that I can help to fight for everyone's federally mandated rights to an appropriate education.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Have Got To Hear About This!

Someone (ie. - the creator of the web site) out there in the interconnected world of the Internet asked that I check out this site:

I am SOOOOOO GLAD I did. It is a terribly creative, innovative place for learning. And I am NOT even a MATH person. I do have an idea for a game though. I involves a LAME DUCK and a calender.

Moving On, Moving Up!

With a ceremonial finality the fifth grade class at Ford Elementary completed their elementary portion of their education with a presentation of moving on certificates. The gymnasium was filled with families, teachers, and friends proud of these young students accomplishments.

Individuals were recognized for their achievements including two essay winners who read their prize winning entries and members of the basketball team who were champions in the city wide tournament.
LSC member Maria Carrasco was present and gave encouraging words both in Spanish and English.

We at "The WATCH" were glad to be in attendance.