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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


 TAKEAWAY LESSON | A GOOD EDUCATION IS MORE THAN SHINY DOORKNOBS | image tagged in mcdonalds,mayor,education,school | made w/ Imgflip meme maker



Schools out in Lynn

Schools out in Lynn

The results of the special election are in
And the Establishment did not win.

Politicians should be getting nervous
Because REQUIRED no longer is your service.

Honestly I am busting with pride,
Finally I'm on the winning side.

Really though there are no "true" winners
Only lessons learned for new beginners.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Lori D'Amico 
 The outcome of the election will be a loss no matter what. If the no vote wins, Lynn doesn't get to build new schools (which are desperately needed) at this time and will be out over $1 million it spent on studies, etc. However, the city will have an opportunity again to have new schools built. If the yes vote passes, people will lose their jobs, even more valuable resources and services the public depends on will be cut, property taxes will skyrocket, the new schools will not be fully funded and all those wonderful shops, courses and programs the yes vote promised all middle school kids would have, will cease to exist. There will not be people or businesses coming to the city. In fact, I think there will be people leaving the city to live and do business elsewhere.


ALL FACTS: To Start: Gauranteed $5000 tax increase out of your pocket with Prop 2 1/2 Override (per City). Then your REGULAR annual tax increase (4 years in a row and counting) . Then Lynn Water and Sewer Rates are going to DOUBLE (per LWSC). On top of $8 million net school spending deficit. $9 million owed to Firefighters. Plus we need to pay for the Mayor 's Pay raise, the City Council Pay Raise, the State Rep pay raise, the Senator's pay raise as well as the Superintendent's $245,000 annual salary. Really ? I've had enough. There is a better site for the school that will save $92,000,000. Vote NO

Monday, March 20, 2017


THIRSTY FOR SUCCESS | YEAH BUILD THOSE 2 NEW SCHOOLS JUST MAKE SURE YOU PACK THE REST OF THE KIDS BACKPACKS WITH BOTTLED WATER | image tagged in water,lead,copper,lead poisoning,flint water | made w/ Imgflip meme maker


Learn something new today... What's up with your school.
Lead and Copper in School Drinking Water Sampling Results



Opinion Lynn’s future begins tomorrow: Vote yes on schools I kinda agree with the points made in this opinion. They're all true,...
Lori D'Amico
Lori D'Amico "If you are pro-education and you understand the importance of providing students in West Lynn and the Pickering district the same opportunities that Marshall students now enjoy, you will vote yes."

What if you are pro-education, but also wonder why the 1000 plus Breed students are never mentioned and don't appear to matter at all to those writing these opinions. Do yes voters even know there is actually 3 middle schools in Lynn and a yes vote will mean there will be 4? I don't see how any voter in Ward 7 or other Wards that are currently Breed district could vote yes, especially if they have children.

"A yes vote will cost taxpayers, on average, about $200 extra a year for 25 years. That’s less than 55 cents a day."

OK, I understand this pretend fact looks good and may entice voters to vote yes thinking 55 cents a day is nothing. However, any voter who is a taxpayer that actually believes this (and shockingly there are many) must not have all the facts about the city's financial history or current standing. These voters will have a very rude awakening one day when opening up their tax bill. I am positive property tax bills will increase more than $200 and it will come shortly after the completion of the new schools just like with the new Marshall. The headline in the Item will read something like Tax Hikes due to Soaring Property Values and city leaders and Peter Caron will put a spin on it claiming the increase had nothing to do with the costs associated with building the new schools. They will try to convince taxpayers the increase is a good thing because it means their property values have increased, so on and so forth. What will eventually follow this headline will be the one about redistricting. Then all those voters who voted yes solely because they thought their children will go to the new Pickering, will be in for a rude awakening when their child does not. Perhaps their child will get shipped off to Breed (remember the other middle school with students they, and pretty much no one, cared about during the election)


Where to vote in Lynn

Where to vote in Lynn


I kinda agree with the points made in this opinion. They're all true, Of course I could probabably say the same for the other side's arguments. So, on who's side will my opinion fall?

Well for me there really isn't even close. We can not afford to put this city on the hook for it. It seems like every few months we are facing a new financial crisis and it's always the same reason. Every time they claim to be surprised by this, make plans or agreements to rectify it, fail to follow through and forget about it until the next crisis.

Plus nationally, the Education is in such disarray that supposed promise resources and protections are in serious question that the time is right to hunker down and wait for some stability and clarity in direction.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


The 6 ‘alternative facts’ of school no-voters

I won't argue with the facts as Council President (I think I just threw up in my mouth) DARIN CYR puts forth. I think he actually might be right. However NONE of them address what I consider the OVERWHELMING reason for casting a "NO" vote.

WE SIMPLY CAN'T AFFORD IT!The precarious financial position the city is in was clearly outlined in a previous post by LORI and as I have pointed out in previous posts, for better or worse, the EDUCATIONAL LANDSCAPE is changing. Money that's supposed to be there may not be and with the devastating cuts coming down from the FEDERAL government, monies that are there, may have to be redirected to cover even the most basic of programs.

Not to mention there looks like there is going to be an explosion of CHARTER SCHOOLS in the near future.This could mean a corresponding dividing up of available resources and consequent;y reduction in the overcrowding problem.

It looks very much like we may have to pick and choose which popultion we choose to discriminate against.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Lori D'Amico to Lynn School Watch
21 mins ·
Here is just a little financial history for the city of Lynn going back only about 6 months (going back any further would be even more frightening). I will let people make up their own minds on whether they believe Lynn (taxpayers) can afford another $91 million in debt by building two new schools.
August 2016: "The city is facing a $4.2 million shortfall, according to the city’s chief financial officer. The news comes on the heels of the recent settlement of the police contract that calls for a more than $3 million wage hike over four years. The retroactive agreement provides a 1 percent boost for 2014, a 2 percent increase for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and a 1 percent raise for 2018. Coppinger said the city is already down 13 officers because of a hiring freeze."
“Over the last four years, my budget has been cut by $2 million,” Coppinger told The Item.…/budget-cuts-leave-lynn-police-fe…/
November 2016: "The state Department of Education is threatening to withhold $11 million in school funds this month until City Hall ponies up its school spending money."
“We consider this very serious,” John J. Sullivan, associate commissioner, told The Item. “I would not hold out Chapter 70 payment if I didn’t think so, this is not common at all.”
"In a letter to Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy on Monday, Sullivan said a review of the city’s fiscal year end financial report discovered that Lynn was in violation of state law."…/dept-of-ed-threatens-to-withhold…/
November 2016: Council Discusses Taxes: Budget Shortfall May Lead to Lay-Offs,Override
"The Lynn City Council met for close to two hours Tuesday night with Lynn Chief Financial Officer Peter Caron, in an effort to get a handle on the depth and breadth of the city’s financial challenges, as the city prepares to set the 2017 tax rate and deal with a budget shortfall of more than $8 million."
"Without finding some way to raise new revenues, the city will be forced to consider laying off employees in the police, fire and public works departments."…/council-discusses-taxesbudget…/
February 2017: "There are fewer police officers on the street as the department deals with a $567,000 budget shortfall.
As a result, as much as 15 percent of the force may not be on the streets during a shift."
"Last summer, as the city’s chief financial officer revealed City Hall faced a $4.2 million deficit, Coppinger told the city council that the department disbanded several units, including the Warrant Task Force that consisted of a sergeant and three patrolmen, the Traffic Safety Unit, which included two enforcement officers, four members of the Community Liaison Team, a traffic investigator and a special investigations detective. None of the dozen officers were laid off, rather they were reassigned to patrol. But he said the city will be deprived of valuable services that the public depends on."…/police-spending-stretched-in-lynn/
February 2017: Lynn Firefighters Settle on Contract
"The decision is likely to put more stress on an already tight city budget. Peter Caron, the city’s chief financial officer, said it’s unclear how these raises will be funded."
"The $2.5 million deal was settled late Wednesday by the Joint Labor-Management Committee, a quasi-public agency that negotiates collective bargaining disputes between municipalities and public employees. Under the terms of the agreement, the firefighters will receive a retroactive 2 percent raise for each of fiscal years 2015 and 2016, a 2.5 percent hike for 2017, another 2 percent for 2018 and on June 30, 2018 they will collect another 1 percent."…/lynn-firefighters-settle-on-cont…/


Lynn has always been a city historically committed to education. Even today Lynn is Top 5 in all of Massachusetts in terms of student population and overall spending. We all can agree on the value of education in shaping the collective…



Lynn fashionistas strut their prom stuff

I am sharing this article First it took place at TECH and you all know I love that school but more importantly the WATCH loaned it's part-time photographer to be part of the camera crew for the event. .

Thursday, March 16, 2017


2017 Elementary School Basketball Schedule

2017 Elementary School Basketball Schedule


Image may contain: 4 people, text
535 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01904-3226, United States

The Khmer Cultural Planning Committee (KCPC) of Lynn would like to present "The 2nd Annual 'Krama' Party" benefiting the 2017 Khmer New Year Community Fair! "Krama" is the Khmer term for scarf. It is encouraged that you wear a scarf, whether it be Khmer, American, etc.

$25 Per Person
$200 for a Table of 10
FREE for kids under the age of 10

This event includes food and live performances with 4U Band and DJ JPhat! Cash bar is available.

Please e-mail
: for tickets

We hope you join us for this anticipated celebration. Aw-kun (Thank you)!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Recently I was talking with a parent of a SPED student about the GRAVE fears I have about the FEDERAL direction of EDUCATION in particularly in regards to certain GUARANTEED services. Whileshe shared the concern, she felt, "Hey we're in MA, we are safe from all that".

Sadly, I did not share that optimism. SPED services ARE expensive and a reduction in them and the protections they provide are easy targets. ase in point from a BOSTON GLOBE article on 3/15:

The MBTA is federally required to provide door-to-door service within certain areas around bus and subway stops, but currently provides, for a higher price, trips that go beyond those areas through The Ride. The MBTA proposal would eliminate trips that are three-fourths of a mile away from bus and subways stops, affecting areas in a dozen suburbs, including Concord, Topsfield, and Medfield.
Cuts to The Ride would affect about 8,000 people and more than 200,000 trips, the MBTA estimated.
The Ride’s expense has made it a frequent target of budget cuts. The board has met with advocates to study ways to reduce costs and recently implemented a program using Uber and Lyft rides to supplement service.

There is no debate about the expense. However I think it is a matter of CIVIL RIGHTS but hey I am maybe not completely objective here. It's not so much I mind the argument, it's the hypocrisy, it's the failure to confront the issue and say what is really happening. It would be interesting to know our REPUBLICAN Mayor who IS a former RIDE driver and Chair of the LSC opinion is on this matter, It may well be a harbinger of her stance on cuts to federal aid and direction on education matters. These fears are behind my unwillingness to support the building of new schools. I am just not sure the money will be there and guess who be footing the bill.