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Monday, September 30, 2013


Wotring undeterred by preliminary loss
Stanley Wotring finished last with only 780 votes among School Committee candidates in the preliminary election but he is undeterred.
“I’m not at all troubled by my finish because we all know what happened to Vinny Spiri-to,” Wotring said.
Wotring was referring to the 2011 election where School Committee incumbent Vincent Spirito finished first but ended up last in the general election. He is hopeful that history will repeat itself.
The 51-year-old is a bit of an unlikely candidate. The man behind the blog Lynn School Watch often seems to be at odds with Superintendent Catherine Latham and the very board he seeks to serve. He laughed off the notion that he would not be able to work together with Latham.
“There isn’t anyone I haven’t offended,” he said. “I know Dr. Latham isn’t in favor of my blog but I know at least a few in her administration follow it.”
The fact that Latham has even mentioned his blog, he said, “is a good indication that I’m a good thorn in her side. She knows she’s being held account-able. She may not like it but she knows.”
Wotring is running a shoe-string campaign, declining to take money from anyone because he doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone. He has one campaign sign, made by his son, that spells out his desire, Stanley Wotring for School Committee, in red and blue marker.
“It says ‘full time all the time’ because I don’t have a job, so I have nothing else to do but serve,” he said.
Wotring suffered a head inju-ry in 1981 when the car he was driving went over an embankment after he swerved to avoid hitting a dog.
“I was in a coma for 11 days,” he said.
The accident left Wotring dis-abled but he persevered and finished college on time, pick-ing up a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in
chemistry, he said.
“He won’t tell you this but he was an honor student on his way toward a brilliant educa-tional future until an accident intervened and changed all the circumstances,” said Wotring’s longtime friend Edmund Pecukonis.
Wotring said the main reason he is running for School Committee is for the kids, including his own. He has a daughter who is a freshman at Lynn English High School and a son who is a freshman at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute.
“I want education to be an adventure, I want them to want to come to school, I want it to be exciting,” he said.
Latham introduced a pilot math program last year and Wotring said he was blown
away when one afternoon he overheard students talking about it animatedly.
Transparency, honesty and reading, because it is the basic fundamentals that every child needs to succeed, are also areas that he plans to focus on if elected, he said.
How he plans to turn his cam-paign around so he can focus on those goals is one step at a time, literally.
“I started walking about a week before the preliminary and I got a lot of encourage-ment,” he said. “My campaign strategy is to walk all over Lynn with my sign. I’m a prin-cipled person and I don’t have personal wealth and I don’t want this to be about money. It’s about education and school … and I don’t want to owe nobody nothing.”
Chris Stevens may be reached at

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sorry things have I could not believe the RESISTANCE I saw toe been crazy and I just got to watch last Thursday night's LSC Policy Sub. and I could not believe the RESISTANCE I saw to some good ole common sense by DONNA COPPOLA.

She tried to bring this issue about patronizing LYNN businesses when LPS purchases little things like puff pastries for personnel at personal development training's, for example.  Well last week it was shut down with the MAYOR making sure it was put on the agenda for this meeting. ALL HAIL ROBERT'S RULES.

So the motion was put on the agenda for the Policy Sub. The two week delay bought some time for the PROPONENTS OF UNCOMMON SENSE. ATTORNEY CHUCK led the charge. I considered his tone and demeanor to be high and mighty while he belittled COPPOLA for even bringing the idea up. NO DOUBT he has superior knowledge when it comes to legal matters but CHUCK, CHUCK, CHUCK, did you ever wonder why LUCY always pulls the football away?

I loved how you belittled DONNA by bringing up the question if she had even considered the PROCUREMENT LAWS pertaining to purchases. She said so sorry she had not. Geez, I guess she just never went to school to get a degree in JURIS-PRUNENCE like you. Her position was "Hey, how we gonna ask businesses in Lynn to support LPS when we aren't gonna support them?".

Apparently, neither had CHUCK. You see ATTORNEY MIHOS says on purchases of less than 10K the PROCUREMENT laws don't apply. DONNA was talking about MUFFINS so I think that would fall under the limit. No need to put BAGELS OUT TO BID.


Didn't you call for and helped successfully create a position for PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS?  Is your position going to cause this position to now lay an EGG"


Didn't the Lynn Business Council or whatever their name is ADOPT the WASHINGTON STEM SCHOOL? Then there is the ARTS AND CULTURAL DISTRICT with all those great restaurants. I am getting hungry/ Is it dinnertime yet?

How are those powder burns on your foot healing? You really need to be concerned about the itch on everybody's back.The only thing that gets puffed around CHUCK is his cheeks when we try to keep LYNN money in LYNN. To be fair you have to prime the pumps for outside political contributions to keep coming,

Then CAPANO chimed in. She didn't want to constrict choices. And she made it clear, she chooses other places than LYNN. It's okay to pass by the LYNN businesses we beg for bucks. LYNN she may or may not CHOOSE you. Either way Who are you going to choose?

STARBARD saves the day, sorta, You see, he came up with this watered down "directive" for DR. LATHAM to pass along to the principals, on nice stationary of course, instructing principals to consider LYNN businesses when purchasing purchases for parties.

What city is RICK'S business in?

So at the end of the day, nothing gets written down into the BOOK OF POLICY and we don't have to pretend to ignore what no one should have to tell us to do.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


The police were called to FORD SCHOOL Friday to investigate a third grade boy being busted up by a car. Fortunately the injuries were nit serious but the accident happened near the parked KINDERGARTEN CARAVAN and this particular and peculiar poet points out that the torrents of traffic this transportation tends to cause definite dangerous demands on pedestrians.

Just wait for the soon to come snow and ice, limiting both visibility and traction. This time there is not SAFETY IN NUMBERS, it's the numbers that are a threat to safety.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Great News!

Pickering is bringng back the Drama Club! We're calling it the Pickering Review. If your children are interested, have them see Mrs. Coffey. We are looking for performers, stage crew, ushers, etc. There will be another informational meeting next Wednesday for students who have signed up or are interested in learning more. Also, the Media Club is starting up as well. Students will work in the Pickering TC Studio, recording, editing and broadcasting news. Anyone interested, see Mrs. Drasich

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


There you have ut. Numbers don't lie, maybe I have been thought to on any number of occasion. Truth be told I am a writer of a poetic persuasion and my job is to add color to the truth. You see it can't be all black and white. We have those UNACCOMPANIED MINORS for goodness sake. Funny though for all that belly aching and political bluster and posturing, the school that seemed to be charged with educating most of them, CLASSICAL, had the .biggest jump. It leapfrogged level 2nd went straight to LEVEL 1.

Why is that? There must be more to this story. Well one thing, do you remember last year when we had the BIG BROUHAHA about shorts during that extremely warm spell. Earlier in the year PRINCIPAL CONSTANTINO join his colleagues in standing firm to the dress code. Shorts only in SEPTEMBER and JUNE. Then there was that hot spell in FEB I think and shorts were worn and suspensions were handed out. Then a group of boys got creative and wore skirts. The issue was brought before the LSC  and laughing he had changed his tune. Some CLASSICAL students were in the audience and the moment it was voted on to change the no shorts policy texts flew out across Lynn. The students were ecstatic and full of respect for their principal who they saw and responsive to the community.

Yeah but what does that have to do with the DEBT OF GRATITUDE owed me? Well you see I have been a bump in their backside. Because of a fear of backlash often decisions were made and more accommodations to opening up were made. I am not saying, I have been right all the-time, heck if that were true I would have only gotten married one time, but no onecan argue conversations got started. As CLASSICAL has clearly demonstrated ENGAGEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY pays dividends.



Last night at a HIGHLANDS COALITION meeting I, along with others got yo tour the newly remodeled LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER. How Impressive!

The movable wall opens up in front the librarians desk to reveal twenty some computers lining the walls interrupted only by a SMART board where the entire class can view the lesson at once. There areten I pads in addition for the students to use. FORD SCHOOL has been using FIRST IN Math since last year and also has the IMAGINE LEARNING program as well.

No doubt this use of technology has helped propel FORD to nearly achieving LEVEL 2 status. This is quite an achievement when you consider all of the languages spoken by the students and where they all came from.


Monday, September 23, 2013


I got a comment on my blog from someone whining (believe me I am an expert on the subject) about how how substitute teachers haven't had a raise in 11 years.


DR. LATHAM squeezes by on a little less than 200 K a year if you don;t add in the PERKS. And that was only after a 25K salary restructure with some leftover SPED money from a CIRCUIT-BREAKER windfall. let's face it once the money goes into the pot it gets hard to tell where it comes from.

Anyway people complained to the DESE and they said it was PERFECTLY legal to apply that money to unrelated to SPED lines that were previously budgeted.

I just don't remember all those salary restructures that went on being previously budgeted. You see, there goes my memory getting me in trouble again. I guess that's why nobody wants to talk to me or reach me for comment!


Please don't try and donate to my campaign. I have no treasurer and no way to take your money. It turns out my vote that my potential vote on the LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE will not be for sale.

My vote will only be about what I think is best for the kids and I won't have to worry about what a campaign contributor thinks. No doubt all of the candidates feel that way but maybe that is because they got money to put where their mouth is - somebody else's money.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


It is hard to believe this was brought up. It's like it is a no brainer. Wait that is why it has yo be brought up.Anyway, it is apparent that LPS is spending a few thousand dollars on food and stuff for all the various functions at schools around the district. It seems sometimes we get soda from Swampscott, pies from Peabody, bagels from Boston, and napkins from Nahant.

You would think we would naturally support the home team. No one should have to tell  us where to delivef our dollars.

Let the records show and they do that apparently they should. It turns out that in order to FORMALLY adopt such a policy we have to actually put it on the agenda to vote on it formally and publicly. So to sure Judy is a steady Shepard of ROB'S RULES so next time they will officially say what shouldn't have to ne told.



I can't believe I a, saying this bur MATH has got me excited. I know it's a first, FIRST IN MATH that is, The wildly successful on-line class, program or whatever it  was that DR. LATHAM'S daughter and piloted in elementary schools last year. I know kids could not get enough of it even accessing the competitive program out of class,

They got rewarded for their effort with virtual stickers and got to see how their's  their classes efforts stacked up against others, in the district, in the state,= and in the country. I don't have any hard data on me but from the anecdotal reports I heard, the results must be phenomenal. More importantly, it makes learning fun. Ipo see this is EDUCATION in th 21st Century that can take place in buildings built in the last one.


Just want to pass along something I heard through the grapevine today and you know me I like to WHINE I hearsd from ac`reliable source heard that LVTI football team beat GREATER LOWELL today My source was my son who plays on the team and he always tell the truth except when he lies.


You know the Internet is a wonderful and powerful tool. You can discover lots of things rather quickly. No doubt plenty of you will consider me a cry baby or sore loser. I've worked a few years with behaviorally and psychologically challenged male adolescents so you will have to do better than that. Besides it may well be true, I can be those things.

I am talking about the FRIDAY FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP and their ringing endorsement of my BFF (Bye Former Friend) and active working for the candidacy of LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE CANDIDATE MELISSA ROMANELLO. She has positioned herself as the VOICE of the parent. No doubt voices are being heard.

The real question is what other voices are we hearing and do they know they are being heard. First lets go to one of the FFSG’S web sites, . Look at who gives them money: DMH, MSPCC, PAL, and the Lynn YMCA. Although not listed, I think they also got BLOCK GRANT money from the CITY COUNCIL. That presents a host of potential problems.

Apparently there is not a problem with the city’s money and conflicts. That is according to their LAW DEPARTMENT since the council just rubber stamps a recommendation. The thing is lawyers are wrong half the time. That is just how the system works. For one side to win, the other has to lose. Even if they are right, the PERCEPTION is that our CITY COUNCIL is sponsoring specific candidates.

Of course, that is not the only problem. There is DMH, the Department of Mental Health. They are part of a branch of State government. Now I know from my years working for DMR (Department of Mental Retardation) that certain political activities are prohibited. There are laws about ETHICS.

And there is the Lynn YMCA, I do believe their articles of incorporation as a non-profit prohibits them from engaging in certain activities. I am not exactly sure of the status of the other groups involved. I would guess they are non-profit too That would mean that the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE would have jurisdiction over determining if a violation has occurred and assessing the appropriate penalties,



CLASSICAL has now been designated a LEVEL 1 school. This is up from LEVEL 3 last year.This is quite an achievement. People need yo be proud, starting with the students and teachers. The principal Mr. Constabtino has shown remarkable leadership and as vitally important he has provided stewardship./

It appears DR. LATHAM will need a new cap to store all her feathers.

Hopefully these results will be analyzed to determine what needs to be transferred to the other schools.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I know, I know, I've been told "There's nothing wrong with networking"/ I do it myself, it's called campaigning. Some people say complaining is just crying "SOUR GRAPES". Maybe but since I spent nothing, well that's what I got to lose. The way I see it, the truth comes at a price that someone else is going to pay for,

Here is a copy of my latest exchange with MARY AUDLEY, Chief of Elections"

I was not absolutely sure they got the Block Grant. I did happen to be at the meeting the Council voted to approve the Grant but I did not see a list of particulars. Working for the State, I know there are restrictions and a protocol on our political activity.

It makes me wonder if the Friday Night Family Support Group declared their intent to be political in their application for the Block Grant and does the Council make it a habit to support groups that advocate a specific person. My past work with non-profit and 503c corporations that their position was strictly educational.

I have written to MSPCC/PAL to get further clarification. If you would like I will share the results with you.


Subject: RE: Friday Night Family Support Group
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 13:28:06 +0000

Hi Stanley,

Sorry I did not get right back to you.  I was waiting for the Law Department to get back to me. 
The Citizen’s Advisory Board decides what groups get funding from the Block Grant.  The Lynn City Council does not have the authority to award any funding and merely ratifies the decision of the Board.  In addition, the money awarded through the Block Grant is not city money.  There is no violation of law for this group to back a candidate.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Mary A.



There will be plenty of well deserved celebration for our two LEVEL 4 schools, CONNERY and HARRINGTON emerging from that status to make it to LEVEL 3. However we need to examine closely their progress to determine just what was most responsible for their forward impetus. It has been heavily reported that the schools received extra funding due to their past poor performance.

They have won in their race and now they will soon be sharing the vanishing spoils of victory. The finding that propelled them forward will soon be all spent and the fight will begin to prevent relapse. Hopefully going forward it will be realized that the library played a central role in creating an envuroment where learning was valued.

Libraries are not just quiet places to store books and work on term papers but are in fact monuments to Education.While itis not only important to establish a desire for learning, you need a place to express it.


A letter was sent home to CLASSICAL HIGH students outlining 3 75 minute programs throughout the year which I believe are in a lecture format, According to the letter, translation support and child care will be available/ These meetings are supposed to be in addition to the standard OPEN HOUSE meetings.

This PILOT PROGRAM stems from an attempt to implement COLORADO'S model of the WRAP-AROUND program that originated in ARIZONA. When this was first discussed and presented by DR. WU at a LSC meeting last year, I believe the THREE meetings were supposed to replace the TRADITIONAL OPEN HOUSE.

The cost for this program is VERY HIGH but is being paid for through the RACE TO THE TOP MONEY and unless the grant is renewed, LPS will have to come up with the money to pat for it in the future.

View online

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Dear Editor,

I find it hard to believe any attempt was made to contact me for any comments as suggested in today's article..There are multiple ways to get in touch with me. I am all over Facebook and the Internet, I have contacted you by e mail numerous times. My contact information is also available at CITY HALL.

In effect I believe this snub was a conscious decision to continue to IGNORE my candidacy. Surely you can provide records to back up your attempts.


Stanley H. Wotring, Jr.


Lynn school board incumbents top ticket

I am going to hurt myself, I know I am. I just can't help it. I can't stop laughing. Does anybody seriously believe I couldn't be reached for comment? THAT'S ALL I DO IS COMMENT!

Funny when they reported the people who pulled papers, they even identified me as an ONLINE COMMENTOR. You see nobody likes what I'm commenting at least not some people. 

You can't blame them really. I mean everybody knows circulation is down because so many people get their REAL news for free now on the Internet. Those school people, well they are good subscribers and then there are those business who advertise and stand to make a killing on this new school construction.

That's alright, SW3 is making me a NEW sign!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have done my share of criticizing. It hasn't been all negative but I have tossed plenty of bombs. However to maintain my credibility and objectivity I must pay homage when it is due.

The latest MCAS results report that our two LEVEL 4 schools improved to LEVEL 3. This is a BIG deal and CONGRATULATIONS should be directed to DR. LATHAM.

I would drop her a line extending my gratitude but you know the e mail thing.


I would have been on earlier with my ACCEPTANCE SPEECH but hey my Internet has been spotty. I know that usually an ACCEPTANCE SPEECH implies you won something and well you can see from the vote totals that I didn't win nothing. Looks like the only reason I didn't finish in 10th place was due to the fact only 9 of us were running. That sounds like LOSING to me.

Luckily it was only a Primary and since so few of us were running, everyone was a WINNER so......

I humbly ACCEPT your 780 votes and am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be able to accept your many gestures of confidence in my ability.

This is only the second election I have ever ran in and unfortunately I didn't win that one either.  Previously I did run for vice-president of the student council for my eighth-grade class. Ours was a 1 through 9 school and there were probably less than 500 kids in the whole school.

I never had a budget for that campaign either. Do you see a pattern developing here?

Anyway thanks to all of you who did vote for me and congratulations for having enough core principles that your vote couldn't be bought!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It is PRIMARY DAY and I will take some hits because I have been unwilling to partake of the MARSHALL MASS OPIATE. My job is to make you think and apparently that is frowned on by some.

Ask questions, that's what I do. I am loyal only to the TRUTH.


Excuse me for a moment, I was channeling JACK there.

There are those who like my brash objectivity as long as it doesn't focus on them. Well....


As irreverent as I have been I have never made any statements that my main goal is to get rid of DR.LATHAM. My concern is the kids and what is best for them. Nothing personal, just what I feel is best for the kids.

Although I can see the mathematical advantages, I have NEVER requested you BULLET vote for me. What I think is WORSE than that is when a group that is funded by state funds and I think thet may have even been awarded a grant from the CITY COUNCIL this year, I'm talking about the FRIDAY NIGHT FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP, sent out e mails to that group urging them to bullet vote for MELISSA.

I'll copy it here"

 Just a reminder to everyone that today is primary election day. Please take the time to go and vote.

  Just ONE vote, Melissa Romanielllo for School Committee!

Remember, Melissa is the voice of the parents. Just one vote, vote for Melissa is all you have to do to bring your voice to the table.

Dalene Basden,CPSP
MSPCC/PAL Family Support Specialist

This email is confidential, intended only for the named recipient(s) and may contain information that is privileged or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you receive this message in error, or are not the named recipient, please notify the sender at the email address above and delete this email from your computer.

Maybe I broke some confidentiality disclaimer but THIS IS NOT COOL!


Glowing reports were given by all on the initial opening of the KINDERGARTEN CENTER on COMMERCIAL STREET.  There were multiple reports of hardworking staff and the transforming decoration.

Name plates were exchanged for color coded tags in the interest of organization. It seems to have been a good move. The center had been in operation less than a week but everyone seemed confident.

Although I had predicted coordination problems, they really haven't surfaced yet. Still it is to soon for me to concede defeat. When all is said and I won't mind to much if I'm wrong, at least part way. I mean logistically.
I'll be happy that the kids enjoy themselves. I'll never be able to concede total defeat. Not only is it way too soon, I remain categorically opposed to busing anyone. Not only is it a waste of time,in this case that time comes with a price tag of $270,000.

Not only is it too early to concede defeat that means it is way early for theother side to claim victory. Either way you can count on me for objective reporting.

Monday, September 16, 2013


There is a big article about MARSHALL in the ITEM today. It tries to give the appearance of being fair and balance. I'll give it that cause I don't even try. Appearances can be deceptive, especially if there are pictures. There are pictures and there is no doubt they are deplorable. Who would want to send their kid there. You see the only problem is you could take pictures from at least three other schools in Lynn and interchange them and you would get the same response. The thing is the people in the know know if we don't do MARSHALL first so we can hold the other schools hostage there will not be the political will to get it done.

Today's article was the latest ib a series of propaganda press releases published. It's kind of funny that the PR firm LPS recently hired is owned or run by an ex-editor of the ITEM. That kind of family relationship makes me homesick for WV.

I read where this where there seems like there is only one person against the bond and he is even not really against the BOND just the location. When I read that I was sure I was going to see my name. Boy was I surprised. Again I was ignored. Here I have written several pieces raising questions about the whole thong, gotten thousands of views, several comments, and spoken publicly at debates. Heck I even spoke at meetings with the PROJECT MANAGER. Not that they could have told by reading their own paper but I AM RUNNING FOR SCHOOL COMMITTEE!

I guess the ITEM can keep burying their head in the sand but if the latest core samples are correct, they better put in some pylons first, Then there is also thhe fact they better remove a few tons of topsoil first.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


What a discussion was held at last Thursday's LSC meeting. It was like the premier of a rerun. What was missing at this red carpet event was of course the red carpet. Still you could tell by the glare from the floor tile it had recently been waxed. No flashing bulbs from the paparazzi or the snapping of their cameras. No LYNNcam filmed in silence.

The story had been played out before the character actors are/were always the same just a different cast of extras playing the parts of students. There are always too few openings and MARIA CARRASCO is always demanding some accountability. MARIA is always advocating for parents and banging her head against the status quo. The established protocol and procedure is understood but she is always asking for something that makes the whole procedure something a little more user friendly for parents.

The big topic for discussion this was the existence of the nefarious WAIT LIST and how ids moved up and down it. Supposedly parents come out of the PIC with a verbal number corresponding to their kids future possible placement in a particular school. Funny I also heard it was impossible to get that number without running this lengthy report that the computer internally time stamps for every entry. So I have no idea where anybody gets a number but somebody does somewhere. Several people discussed the existence of said number and you know if enough people say it then it must be true.You know me though, some people say I never let a little thing like TRUTH get in the way.

MARIA was wanting a paper that parents could put in their hands to prove their position or placement on the list. Because a LIST may change with the addition of special students who may jump the line due to medical or other special circumstances previously stated that won't exactly work.

The MAYOR actually came up with a pretty good idea to configure a computer program such that individuals could check their status in regular intervals on line. DAVE HEGAN said he thought it could be done. Technology to the rescue!


During the lengthy exchange on WAITING LISTS at Thursday night's LSC DONNA pointed out the fact that LPS might be restricting transfers by artificially imposing a cap of 25 on certain classes and ignoring the DOE'S DESEG plan which she thought allowed them to go up to 30,

Well ATTY. MIHOS was actually unsure if DONNA was right and offered to research it and get back to her at the next meeting. You would think that would be something that would be now off-hand since this is not the first time questions have been raised how certain schools have gotten away with smaller classes sizes than other schools.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


The recent presentation by the LYNN MUSEUM on plans to partner with the LPS with the blessings of the LSC was very encouraging/ The LABOR EXHIBITION from the SMITHSONIAN is going yo be exciting and from all indications will give Lynn students exposure to exhibits only in one other museum in the state. Good job all around.

Here though in where I run into a little problem.You see this is not some grand new partnership forged from the sweat and hard work of certain elected officials. Instead of paper cuts there may have been some bruised egos when I went to press with what I saw as an unwillingness of LPS to get behind a generous offer of FREE transportation by the LYNN MUSEUM to all the third grade classes in the city to tour an exhibition that was specifically targeted for their curriculum. It was a very viewed post complete with comments how it was too much trouble to take kids down there and lose precious class time.

Well now the tables are turned and this looks to be a much more ambitous project with LPS picking up the transportation tab. In the end it doesn't really matter who is responsible, it's just good that the MUSEUM is being utilized.



The GRANTS subcommittee chaired by CHUCK gave a glowing report how we got this ginormous $350,000 ELL Gateway Cities grant over the summer. One thing though it was secured through the efforts of DR.WARRY as part of HER JOB. Remind me again why we are paying full-time a grants writer person for and just how much have they secured? While we're at it I think it's time for an update on what that part-time PRIVATE-PARTNERSHIP person has brought in yet?

Well let's look at what we did get. That would be $350,000 and near as I can tell less than 30 kids benefited from it. My Math ain't none too good but near as I can figure out that's over $10,000 per student. My figuring can;t be too wrong cause it seems that the STATE thought our program was a tad expensive..

It would have been appropriate to have purchased a DVD collection of old I LOVE LUCY episodes for the students to learn how to speak English because the way that money was spent.....



Congratulations to MICHELLE Flynn for being appointed Asst. DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION FOR EARLY Childhood Isn't  that a mouthful? I know her from way back when my daughter had her for two years at HARRINGTON. Good teacher.

Hearing about CURRICULUM though got me to wondering, what was the eventual tesult of that grievance the teachers won against the CURRICULUM DIRECTOR/. If I remember right and I don't always, a whole summer's training kind of went for naught. RACE TO THE TOP MONEY wasted.

What did we do with the COMMON CORE coming?

Friday, September 13, 2013


I see where RICHARD HELD was appointed ACTING ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION FOR SCIENCE. What's that about? Why is he only ACTING? We'vw been hobbling along with the position vacant for how many years?  You would think we would havehad time to know what we need.

Then there is that other thing. Do we still KNOW ATOM and what did we learn. Supposedlt we could afford that program because we hadn't filled that position. Imagine that money being spent directly on kids rather than paying somebody's salary they'll never talk to much.


Another Lynn Teacher has distinguished herself for less than honorable reasons. Usually I might make some snide remark but this hits too close to home. I have lived that nightmare for thirteen years.

I really don;t know the particulars of the case but what I do know is that it represents what is wrong with our JUSTICE system. Things will get done now, there has been blood. That doesn't mean there wasn't damage before but you can't always see it.

Whenever mental illness is involved things get complicated and a blanket gets thrown over the case in the interest of protecting the rights of the mentally ill at the expense of the other parties. There is no easy answer but lots of questions.

Once again we witness the protective power of Restraining Orders. Usually before they are any good another crime is committed rendering their need irrelevant. Police do not like to get involved in marriage matters. I don;t really blame them cause you can't trust anyone.

The sad thing is what we are teaching our kids. So I think we need to be extra vigilant in making sure stability in their instructors is maintained.


Everyone wants new schools but then again everyone likes sliced bread. The trick is how you cut it and who gets a piece. So lets see here, we are going to bond 92 Million and 39 of which is non-reimbursable and we must bare it plus the interest on the 53.

Now if we are set to open in 2016, then that ought to be a pretty quick turn around on that loan since the go is going to be real short. That means we will have 80% of it paid back by then right? I know I'm not too good in Math but I don't think if 53 Million dollars is 80% then 39 Million doesn't seem like 20%.

Oh that's right, not all costs are reimbursable. Still though we should expect to pay and in the long run it's worth it but it's the running around I am suspicious of and just where does the deception end?

I would like to see a little more details about the terms of this bond. How long is it for? What about a commitment to pay the money that the MSBA gives us for their share immediately on the principal of the loan (bond) thereby reducing the amount we pay in interest and our obligation.

So by 2016 we should have less than the 39 million outstanding. Let's see a proposed timetable. The trouble with putting things down on paper, it's easy to see when you change.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


I had my MLL(Mobile Literature Launcher- my handheld posterboard) deployed in front of FORD SCHOOL yesterday morning as I was witnessing the KINDERGARTEN kids loading the bus and lo and behold DR. LATHAM was there.

I guess she was too busy actually working to come over and say HI! I am impressed that she was there and had her hands on the situation. Unfortunately there is not as much to put her hands on as a significant number of kids are being held out of Kindergarten due to the BUSING BOONDOGGLE..

When that loss of education is added with the loss of time-on learning due to the bus rides that can't help but show up in lower MCAS scores later.   The separation between selected schools grows wider.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It just seems odd to me that the BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS SUBCOMMITTEE would cancel a meeting so soon before the BOND vote. You would think it would be


I guess they are so confident with their TV gig, it's all covered.

Here's the whole agenda for Thursday night.

I think they tried to trick me by moving!


Lookie here...

Lynn Cam this week - 
Special The City's Voice This Wednesday!
This week on The City's Voice the topic is the Marshall School Bond going before voters next Tuesday. School Committee members Charlie Gallo, Rick Starbard & John Ford are due on to talk about the bond and why they are in favor of it.

Tune in live on Wednesday at 7PM, and be sure to call in during the program at 781-596-9641!

No one asked me to be on the program. I can't imagine why. I guess they just want the TRUTH, only their version of it.

I guess objectivity doesn't matter/


Here's a couple more things to think about before you vote to spend probably at least a $100 MILLION DOLLARS!

 children living near railroad tracks or a highway are at a greater risk for developing asthma. Should we school neighborhood children in the close proximity to an active rail? Children are more sensitive than adults.
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Friends of the LYNN PAC · 97 like this
13 hours ago near Lynn · 
  • On behalf of the PAC, I would like to thank all the parents who participated in tonight's meet-and-greet. It was heartening to see so many of you dedicated to improving services for special needs children in the city of Lynn.

    I apologize to those who wished to speak on behalf of school committee candidates in the upcoming election (the PAC is a subcommittee of the school committee and cannot endorse candidates).

    We look forward to working with all of you, and I would like to invite all parents to our next business meeting, to be held on October 7th.

    Thank you,
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    • April Isabelle Ordonez I had planned on going, but my day didn't end up as planned. Didn't get home until 6:15 and we still had dinner to make and homework to do. Hopefully next meeting!
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    • Connie Black The following is the excerpt from Section 3 of Chapter 71B that pertains to PACs: 
      "…. The school committee of any city, town, or school district shall establish a parent advisory council on special education." BOOM.
    • Dalene Basden BOOM? Section 3 of Chapter 71B goes on to state " Membership shall be offered to all parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties. The parent advisory council duties shall include but not be limited to: advising the school committ...See More
      9 hours ago · Like · 2
    • Lori D'Amico Yes I believe you are confused about what a subcommittee is. A subcommittee is committee composed of members of a larger committee. Therefore, PAC is not a subcommittee of the school committee.
      2 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Lori D'Amico Where can I find the PAC bylaws?
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC This is Shawn Tarasuik. Join the PAC if you want the Bylaws. I can not believe what I am reading here. Melissa Romaniello and Darlene, you both quit the PAC never to come back when the pressure was on. Lori, and from my standpoint, you are a instigator...See More
      2 hours ago via mobile · Like
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC Melissa, You are wrong...You never expressed anything to us..You totally ignored our calls..Never explained why you were not there and left Lisa and I to explain to Dave Ellis why we want to have him removed..Remember that conversation? You wanted to be chairperson? You left us to do your dirty work and then never showed up...
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC I am out of the Great City of Lynn due to my job with the Department of Defense however I am not that far away. I never heard from anyone about your family issues and the council will concur with me that you just got up and left. You quit. It is what it .
    • Lori D'Amico Shawn, all I did was merely point out what a subcommittee was because whoever wrote your post clearly did not know and I asked where I could find the bylaws because I was curious. If you feel this is being an instigator then that is your opinion and y...See More
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC I do not know who chimed in about doing your dirty work, but it wasnt me. Maybe I should call Chris Stevens or Thor of the Lynn Item and share my story seeings that I am out of Lynn and no longer the chair...
    • Lori D'Amico Also, I do not believe I or anyone else needs to join the PAC to get a copy of the bylaws. I believe they are public records, but I will look into that. Perhaps the name of the this group should be changed because based on what I am reading from those in charge of it, there is nothing friendly about you.
    • Dalene Basden Shawn, you don't know me. I don't have to answer to you or anyone as to why I choose to participate or not on any committee, council or forum. This forum could generate healthy discussions of differing opinions but the negativity is not productive.
      about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC Melissa, your wrong...You never expressed that to us...And while we are on the subject..You also never answered Laurie's calls about her daughters paperwork..She tried forever to get them back from you, and again you never responded to that...What the ...See More
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC Melissa, Please stop the lying..I am not going any further with this because this is not my battle...but i'm sure Laurie had a different story about this then your telling..
    • Lori D'Amico Stanley Wotring, perhaps you should copy this entire thread and post it on your blog. The comments made by those who chair, co-chair, or are members, are an eye-opener to say the least. It is very clear to me why I have heard so many negative things about the Lynn PAC and the issues they have.
    • Tom Bishop Melissa, I wrote the post. After hearing about how your group tried to commandeer the meeting and make a grand speech, I figured it would be nice to clarify, without naming names. So on the "council/subcommittee" point, I guess you win. In the upcoming election, however, heh, good luck with that.
    • Friends of the LYNN PAC This is Shawn. You just lost more votes. Why not post more things on your FB page of inappropriate relationships and the philosophy behind them. That is all.
    • Marion Williams I agree, she got a great IEP, but you dropped the ball as to giving her back her paperwork and ignoring her calls..That is what I mean with not following through...This is the problem Melissa Romaniello
    • Tom Bishop And wanted to be introduced... you forgot that part.
    • Tom Bishop So in your spirit of semantic nitpicking, is that in the Bylaws?
    • Marion Williams I spoke to Dalene when I seen her at stop and shop about you giving a call to Laurie..Told her you were ignoring her calls and she said she would talk to you..You were ignoring her...
    • Tom Bishop Melissa, the term 'subcommittee' does not have to describe specific Subcommittees of the LSC (like Finance, for example). The word can certainly describe a group created by the LSC according to Mass law to advise on special education issues. As co-chai...See More

Lori, I think maybe you need a little background before jumping in here! I was at the beginning and end of the meeting, taking time out to go to a parent's meeting for TECH FOOTBALL. Trippy even used MELISSA'S phone to call me as we got our wires crossed about meeting up.

I was in the meeting at the beginning. In fact I was the first one there since I was down that way holding my sign. When FRANCES, the PAC LIAISON came to unlock the doors I put my sign away in a black plastic bag because I was not there to be political. I was there as a parent. I am not stupid, it was politically smart to be there but my EGO isn't so big as to be the main reason. ALMOST/

I never got introduced as a candidate. No one was. No LSC member was there either. MELISSA came in after the main intros were done. DALENE came in as I was going to the football meeting so I personally did not witness that exchange.

The meeting was informal and informational and it was not intended to be confrontational or combative.

Had ...MELISSA BEEN THERE  FROM THE BEGINNING. She might have asked some specific questions about the new reading program that the middle schools have. That is her issue and she does know a lot. Of course that wouldn't have made the GRANDSTANDS.

I have been with the PAC a few years, even serving as TREASURER and on the BOARD. I did not like the way the PAC was being run. I thought it was too stuffy and the kids got lost in the strict formalities of ROBERT'S RULES. As a voting BOARD member, I joined MELISSA in a coup to oust the sitting chair, He got wind and resigned so no vote was necessary/. MELISSA was anointed to take over the group.

I got parental obligations that made it impossible to attend the meetings last year. I know letters from LPS were left unanswered and finally SHAWN and LISA stepped up when it became clear MELISSA was not going to. I think her new job caused her to have some time constraints but don't quote me on that.

Anyway even though I couldn't attend the meetings, I did try to give them positive promotional pieces in line with the direction SHAWN was trying to take the group. Also I realized I can be a lightning rod and I didn't want the positive strides the group was trying to make to be damaged from stray shots at me.

About last night, I believe there is nothing in the by-laws that would have prohibited the candidates from being introduced. I go to these sort of things a lot and I see it all the time. But you know what..........?