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Friday, May 31, 2013


I think I need some of those INTERPRETATION services LORI is always talking about us being mandate by the STATE to follow certain guidelines. See I been hearing a lot since I been going to these school committee meetings how MASSACHUSETTS has the BEST schools in the country. It even came up in the PRESIDENTIAL debates. I mean, I've seen a bumper sticker for goodness sake.


last summer we sent people to TENNESSEE to study their WRAP-AROUND services and I seem to remember a lot of fanfare.

Well as of last night that seemed to be out the window or at least off  in the distance. Now ARIZONA is all the rage. We even got to watch a clip on how COLORADO, I believe, is implementing their model. Funny I just can't understand how a plan from a state with such a averse and controversial stand on immigration is going to be right for us. Has anyone looked at who is sitting in our desks? Maybe ARIZONA just has better tourist spots for our people to go study.

The bigger question is that if we are so good    why isn't anybody coming to study us?



The SECRETARY OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE, MR. T. IARIBINO was missing from last night's LSC meeting. I surmise he was off looking for my missing copy of next year;s budget. Tommy Boy knows when I don't have the facts, I make things up. It's the POET in me.

Well the MAYOR vouched that's it's a good budget, that her and DR. LATHAM workeed hard together on it.  There was talk about money in the SPECIAL ED DEPT. being moved around (Translation - Watch Out, the money will be hard to follow).

Speaking of TRANSLATION )As we all know LIL'LORI has funding for it suppossedly been embedded throughout). The root of embedded is bed and well, you better pay close attention to who you are snuggled up with.


Let me say up front, I am NOT Lynn's Secret Poet.Do you really think I could do anything in secret? But  I do recognize the power of words to CHANGE lives. Equating a word as a label is the digital trap set by MATH people to try and control concepts by putting limits on perception.

Living an HD life is to rob yourself of the richness of the moment. Life's music is more than a numerical frequency.


Thursday, May 30, 2013


What do they say about enemies , friends, and closeness? After tonight's LSC meeting I was a tellin the MARVELOUS MAYOR that she made a technical, procedural mistake, The monthly report on the progress on MARSHALL was pot on the agenda for the night's meeting. Normally public mention is made of the acceptance of the report for the record. No details are ever given the MAYOR just asks for a motion for acceptance into the record. NOTICE I SAID THE MAYOR ASKS

I was prepared to give this faux pax a pass. No need to make a FEDERAL CASE out of this violation. Shh, don't tell LORI or my BFF, they like to write letters. But I will not stand for anybody but me badmouthing CATHE. The MAYOR put the blame on her for this procedural miscues. By trying to shift responsibility of the OPEN MEETING VIOLATION, she threw CATHE under the BUS.It wasn't CATHE'S job. I wonder if it was one of the ones that they are using to ship those kiddies away from their parents.


I figured I get to the George Laubtner award tomorrow when I can devote more time to it and maybe even spell some names right but I get home and Pickering has pictures on their group. Now everybody doesn't get to see it so here goes:

Congratulations Hailey Page, and Thank You Mr. Kevin Rittershaus for attending and representing tonight also!! Here are a few pictures.


From correctional center to Congress: Former inmate vouches for education

This story shows the values of adult education and hopefully this young man not only an example of personal growth and development but provide an example of what is important and behaviors to avoid. Here is a case where a little money wisely spent can avoid the expense of future incarceration. It's much cheaper yo pat one teacher a few hours a week for a classroom of adults than to provide alternative housing on a state prison.

You not only save on that person's housing but you don't lode his potential contribution to the tax base. Then there is the ripple effect throughout his family, often school age kids who insure increased expenditures due to family decay.

The GED program at LPS has somewhat of a stormy past I think ADULT EDUCATION as a whole. Now at the FORD SCHOOL )I can hear you screaming "Oh here he goes again about Ford," sorry I've not had my medication yet this morning. Anyway at FORD on Mon. and Tue. nights through the winter various classes are held benefiting well over 200 people. There is even a class on cable, Now that's a lot of success stories, maybe not as great individually but it speaks very loudly collectively.

It was a story that almost never happened. Forgive me if I don't have all the details but people are AFRAID to talk to me. I talked to one teacher at my BOSTON STREET OFFICE that gave me his story but refused to give me his name, He said he knew me and was afraid of the ramifications of being associated with me. Anyway I seem to remember a fight where our SUPERINTENDENT said ther was no money to pat for $35 teachers for a couple of hours to improve kids lives by improving their parents' ones but there appears to be little problem scrapping up around $200.000 to replace doors at $10,000 a pop.

Sure it is done in the name of safety and that is supposed to justify it. Anything to keep the bad guys out. The thing is with a little education there would be less bad guys to keep out. We need to spend our money wisely.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well I wonder just how much we have added to the budget since we hired that SECOND DEPUTY. You know me and numbers so I am just going to throw some figures at you.

Probably close to $200,000 in her salary. That CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY she is entitled to has cost around $75,000 and let's not forget the bill for that leased car for another $6000, That total would cover the cost for all those pricey doors with money left over to maybe replace a few windows.


Since the hiring of the extra help we are no longer best of the worst. I'm talking about all of the lower performing urban districts they lumped together so we can feel better about not doing so good. Misery loves company.

Maybe we should hire a THIRD DEPUTY and then maybe our scores would decrease that we could go into receivership and then we'd bring in the big money


Met with SCHOOL WORKS, a educational consulting company or agency or  whatever they call themselves. They had been hired by the state to give an assessment on the LEVEL 4 schools by the State and everybody was so  pleased with the usefulness of their assessment that DR. LATHAM, ie, the DISTRICT, hired them to assess all the LEVEL 4 schools in hopes that they won't go to the next level.

After meeting with stakeholder groups, I think teachers,leadership teams and who knows who all to get an accurate assessment of where we are at and where we are going. A good thing right?

Well you see, don;t you wonder how much all this is costing? Where is the money coming from? Well I bet RACE TO THE TOP MONEY is involved but you can't always believe a gambling man/ After all I had to roll the marriage dice four times and I've crapped out three times so far.


Girls Inc. summit to present benefits of STEM careers

The STEM may be the backbone of the plant but it's READING that is at the root of learning. It's great to witness interest in any stage of the educational process. One thing to remember though, that as a process it has a beginning.

I have heard political ads compare recent technological advances to yesterday's science fiction. FICTION, so I guess tomorrow's discoveries come from IMAGINATION. What part of the plant does that come from? I don't know. let me read about it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Okay folks here is the agenda for Thursday's meeting:

Tenth Regular Meeting 6:45 PM

I want to direct your attention to the following:


I don't know but I believe this may be a bit premature. I mean there is a hearing to be held. The city charter says it has to be held in 90 days. You would think they would want to set a date for that ASAP with the budget votes and the BOND vote looming/

Since I am not an expert on UNCLE BOB'S RULES OF ORDER but you would think they would have to list setting that date on the agenda so a PUBLIC HEARING could be set. I guess that BOND vote isn't important to everybody else.


Well I'm coming up on a QUARTER MILLION HITS. I remember, not too long ago someone asking if I was going to do something special to commemorate the 25K mark. I didn't. However I am doing something special to mark this milestone - I'M RUNNING FOR THE LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE. I will be some people's worst nightmare. Why do I say that, you ask? (Am I hearing voices again?) Because the TRUTH is scary.

All of this could have been avoided if I just would have been offered a job in exchange for my silence. Isn;t that how it works up here in the BIG city. Oh well, you can't trust me to play along. I would say, "Just ask my wife" but one of you smart-alecks would ask "Which one?".


I applaud the work being done on DOORS as it will increase security. Maybe if it had been done earlier that WIG-WEARING PURSE PILFERER wouldn't have slipped through the enhanced security measures at COBBETT

. Uh-oh, it's not on the list. No matter, those HIGH-TECH security measures put in place after that TOP SECRET, behind closed door, EXECUTIVE SESSION was held. (Yeah, about those minutes)

Well, I'm not sure, but I think the BLONDE BREACH was made after the supposed enhancements were made. I wonder what specific enhancements were done. The line we were given was that the need for the meeting to be an EXECUTIVE one was so the bad guys wouldn't know what we were doing. You see it took a sophisticated WIG to make it by security. Your run of the mill brunette wig would have never made it past it. YOU KNOW THEY SAY "BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN".

Back to the bucks. Did you notice the word PARALLEL? I believe in the dictionary we used to use to use back in WV when used in that there context it means "IN ADDITION TO".I don't know, maybe it's just my accent.

So that's $1,400,000 for fixing up the old FORD ANNEX on BENNETT STREET so we can move the administration offices from COMMERCIAL STREET over there freeing up that space so we can spend another $580,000 to make a new warehouse out of an old warehouse for KINDER KIDDIES.

Now back to the $200,000 to replace some doors around town, I think I would be safe in assuming that figure does not include the money to be spent on replacing TWO floors at the FORD SCHOOL.The new industrial strength tiles will transform the looks of the school (Notice I did not mention anything about ASBESTOS REMEDIATION) Just how much is that going to be?

All of this is going on while we are going to be asked to pass a BIG BOND for building a much needed school that everybody admits is going to be TOO SMALL.

Spending responsibly, is there a class you can take for that?

Monday, May 27, 2013


I am all excited! I get to participate in a FOCUS group for LPS. Yippee! My understanding is (Okay so I've been wrong a few times but not as many as some would have you believe.) that this consulting firm, SCHOOL WORKS out of BEVERLY has been hired to assess and take stock of all our LEVEL 3 schools then make suggestions and give ideas on ways to avoid them going to LEVEL 4,.

Smart move --- on paper. And well since books are made of paper, it must be a really smart move. Right?


you remember that MONEY is printed on paper too. I don't have the figures right in front of me but I expect it's going to cost a pretty penny. At least it's not being paid for with dirty money. At least I don't think, it's probably coming out of that RACE TO THE TOP MONEY, right.

Yeah let the FEDS pay for it and they will pay for the suggestions but I have a sneaking suspiscion we are going to be stuck paying for the solutions.

Looks like I'll be a part of some group at FORD. I mean I am on the SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT COUNCIL there. Both of my kids went through there. My son was in the old ANNEX when he was three or four and then again for fifth grade. My daughter went there from kindergarten through the fifth grade. When my kids moved on to middle school I volunteered for a year there in the library, keeping the seat warm until a REAL librarian came back.

I had planned to be a part of the MARSHALL group to but before I got back in touch too late. No I am not making ANY conspiracy allegations. It was my BAD. Too bad though, it would have been interesting.

MARSHALL comes with some interesting dynamics. Here we have a school that there have been whispers for a while that it was going into LEVEL 4 status but there has never been any official declaration. We are about to come before the taxpaying voters on bended knee and like out of a scene from OLIVER TWIST say, "More please". I'm afraid the results will be similar.

WHY? We surely need the new school. And come on now people, there AIN'T NO FREE LUNCH. (Well maybe I should have used a different analogy) The point is that when we see examples of a lot of money spent on trying to make complicated what seems pretty simple, well people get reluctant on parting with what's in their pockets,

Where is the MAYOR on this data double-take? Hasn't she complained before LPS'S spending patterns? Why don't she stick her LONG neck out? There could be trouble BREWING.

I guess she could have thrown the book at her but it would have been an outdated one. You see if it would have been one of my son's SOCIAL STUDIES books, it might leave an imprint of the SOVIET UNION as a major remaining SUPER POWER. I guess we should be glad HISTORY is not on the MCAS.

I know I'm not too smart on the ways of the world but at least I know who 's still in my world.


Hey Stanley, did you forget my favorite high school? LCHS 2013 Ram Camp Ram Camp is a free summer program and is open to the first 100 incoming Classical freshmen from Breed, Pickering, Marshall or other local area private middle schools. Parents/Guardians please sign the permission slip (below) and return to your son/daughter’s guidance counselor or the Lynn Classical High School Main Office no later than Friday, JUNE 7TH. on A CAMP FOR BULL PUPPIES

Actually, I only saw Camp Bulldog on Facebook that's why and I'm lazy - COPY AND PASTE. I know LVTI is running CAMP TIGER - same set up. I know my son's going. Hey, it's a holiday weekend, cut me some slack. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013


****English High LEHS 2013 Camp Bulldog****
Lynn English will once again be offering the FREE summer program Camp Bulldog for next year’s 9th and 10th grade Lynn English students. It will be from July 8th through August 1st, Mondays through Thursdays, 8 AM until 12 PM. Visit the official site for more info.


How much does LPS spend on CUSTODIANS keeping our schools clean? No one knows, at least not me. That;s because LPS has NO janitors. Not one in ANY school I do believe. Does this mean we send our babes to wallow around in dirt, trash, and squalor?

No, no, no. Those guys in the green uniforms do a yeoman's job cleaning these old schools. Especially when you consider the conditions under which they work. See they are not actually LPS employees, no instead they are MERCENARIES from INSPECTION SERVICES, part of the CITY HALL CROWD. But they are not looking for CODE violations just cleaning ones.

The biggest mess that needs to be cleaned up is the somewhat fuzzy and foggy one over just how much this outsourcing of custodial sources costs us. I think it's fair to say the costs aren't all monetary. Over the past year or so I've been around to a few schools and I've heard a few stories. Seems like there is a regular shifting of personnel. Sometimes there might be a hot spot at the CITY HALL. I mean the show must go on.

Aside from the fact, it's a way to JUGGLE the books. I mean I'm not saying or even implying that anything that's not above board is going on down below. It's just hard for us that ain't too good at ciphering to figure out where the moneys is coming from or going to.

Having them wear a lanyard with an ID badge helps you identify them but it doesn't help them identify us. There something to be said for having the same guy or gal looking over you for a long time. Kind of like an extra layer of security, Lots of times these regular guys can see through BLONDE wigs.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


On June 6, the NORTH SHORE NAVIGATORS are having an EDUCATION CELEBRATION with what us hoped to be an annual event. Students all throughout Lynn have been invited for a special exhibition game. Singing the STAR SPANGLED BANNER for this special game will be none other than MARSHALL'S own ASIAH WOTRING.

Rumor has it she is a pretty good crooner. She has opened the annual WORLD FOLK FESTIVAL in Lynn the past two years. As always, you can count on the WATCH for objective opinions!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Boy, did I learn something crazy tonight. You know how I've been harping about wasteful spending on busing kids. I don't think LPS ought to be spending money when there is a cheaper way. Now we are about to ask the taxpayers to finance 15 to 20 million dollars or so to build a much needed new middle school named after me, a wing anyway (I just threw that last part in). We need to set an example of fiscal responsibility.


So the MUSEUM has set up this third grade curriculum, offered to PAY for busing and only is charging ONE dollar. Do you know you can barely ride my CAMPAIGN BUS for that.

I was asked if I knew if the schools had to raise their own money for field trips. Well they don't show me all the financial documents but I said I;m pretty sure there are ways they could come up with it. After all, we do have a chairperson pretty good at juggling.

"Why do you ask?", I asked myself.

Well I didn't have to wait long for an answer. You see, NO ONE has taken them up on this generous offer. That's right NO ONE. Oh one class said they would come but CANCELLED..

Not only is this an example of LPS not leveraging the community's willingness to maximize our students educational opportunities, but HISTORY is LAST in a CITY OF FIRSTS.


it's just not on the MCAS. It just doesn't ADD up.


You know, I've been a candidate for LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE for almost two months, gathered a mess of signatures I, I've been to a few fundraisers, YET .....

the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has pretty much IGNORED my candidacy. No stories announcing my campaign. It was mentioned fhat I pulled papers  but was included with a list of the incumbents. In that article I was mentioned as an online commentator.. Hello...uh....I have a BLOG!

Maybe it MUST be because I am a poet or MAYBE ......

it is because I am DISABLED, I guess I understand.....


I mean I have had some pretty significant brain damage and I am probably a little slower intellectually and well, just plain not as smart as some of those educated people.


You know Math must not be my only weakness, I think I have a hearing problem as well. I swore I heard way back when they had that special meeting for the evaluation of the SUPERINTENDENT our MOST HONORABLE MAYOR proclaimed and pontificated publicly that she did not like the way DR. LATHAM managed the money. Don't take the word of a poet that clearly suffers from brain damage, I am sure the TRUTH will come ALIVE in somebody's video ARCHIVE.


that same cruncher of numbers backed a recipe for a KINDERGARTEN KLUSTER surely to be a KLUNKER when you consider the cost ($580,000 + $1.4 Million).


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


At a time when Lynn Public Schools ought to be exercising fiscal restraint and concentrating on garnering the necessary support to ensure that a badly needed new middle school, the administration has instead directed attention and precious resources ($580,000) to be diverted from other needy areas to establish a kindergarten center where the administration offices are now.

This will require busing five year olds causing a logistical nightmare and shakily starting educational journeys that we are going to be paying for twelve more years.

Thank goodness some concerned parents circulated a petition forcing a public hearing on such an ill advised vote.


Something to think about.....

If the KINDERGARTEN CONSOLIDATION plan comes to fruition, we will be creating a new princiPAL who will be trying to maintain order and dispense discipline at a place foreign to our kids and far removed from the scrutiny of parents.



Ingalls students christen new outdoor classroom

Angry parents from across the city are up in arms because of the money spent on this new classroom with suspended ceiling. Well there is no ceiling (unless it's cloudy) and if truth be told and it rarely is, there are no walls either.

School officials have stated they have developed a lasseux-faire attitude about having a dirty classroom. Students may be being given bad instruction because there are reports of students being told of rocks being raised in a garden,

All reports are not negative, however.School Committee Candidate Stan Wotring is excited about the possibilities.

 "Things could be just like back home in WV. The PTO could have a BEAN SUPPER as a fundraiser. We could have a HORSE-PULL between the rows of desks, and when it rains, we could get some four wheelers and go muddin"

LPS school officials were not available for comment on WOTRING'S proposals and initiatives. In fact, they weren't even asked.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Parents petition officials on kindergarten busing

Well written article examining how an administration came up with an a plan that was a rush to judgement at the taxpayer's expense while risking the most defenseless, children who aren't even old enough to attend first grade.

On the bright side you won't hear the little ones complain......


we will all see it in the future developmental goals not met.

This is an ill conceived idea on so many levels. Not to mention, such an example of extravagant spending at a time when LPS has to come before the voters to support a BOND that surely means tax increases. Bad timing to go with bad form.

We desperately need a new school and such decisions that put that in jeopardy is not only fiscally irresponsible but also reveal a flaw in someone's educational character.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Just came from a HIGHLANDS COALITION meeting where a lot of the same old things were discussed, specifically restoring FORD SCHOOL as a polling place. Of course, the politicians there and there were a few, pointed to the fact that the polling place was determined not to be compliant with ADA and that was a reason for not returning it there/

People present questioned how a school could be considered ADA compliant as a school but not as a polling place. As usual politicians stay away from corners lest someone had a paint brush. This has been a ten year battle with NO results and little hope for progress.

BUT NOW......

the people of the HIGHLANDS may have found an unsuspecting ally in......


yes, I did not stutter. THIS IS NOT A TYPO. I had an EPIPHANY when talking tonight with COUNCIL PRESIDENT PHELAN.

We were talking about how renovations over a certain dollar amount triggered that the entire building has to be made ADA compliant. Now the scenario I am about to present is pure speculation, I have NO inside info and I am not trying to pass myself as a legal expert. No I am just a poet, a disabled one at that.

You see this summer when they are doing some pretty significant renovation (I did not say anything about ASBESTOS remediation) to the floors. New tiles to SEAL THE DEAL.


I bet there is a good chance this work is going to be so costly such that it will trigger mandatory ADA compliance for the whole building.

For this my fellow HICO brethren owe a huge debt of gratitude yo the good doctor. That will be one argument that will be taken away soon.

Thanks CATHE for joining our team!


Sometimes it's what you don't say that matters most. Apparently not always, at least that appears to have been what LSC was (or maybe just wasn't) thinking at the last meeting. You see, with all the hoopla surrounding a rousing rendition of the "Star-spangled Banner" (which was not on the agenda) that was so beautifully played by one of the ensembles from the LPS Band that the MOMENT OF SILENCE which was on the agenda was forgotten. I do believe that may have been a technical violation of the OPEN MEETING law.



they may have missed an opportunity to PRAY for the passage of the upcoming BOND.

What are you planning to call that WING now?


View 0520130919.jpg in slide show

Just passing through on mt way out from a SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT COUNCIL meeting and look at what I stumbled into in the gym. Reading is the path to success!


Correct me if I am wrong.

I do believe they run our COACH program, 

my question is how much of our money went into these questionable expenditures. HMMM?


Lynn teen overcomes autism to find success in music

This story provides an example of some good things that LPS is doing particular the music department. As I have said before and this stoty points out = the middle schools are on the move.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


 Classical High biology teacher takes road less traveled

Being a former science geek, I could kind of relate to this story. I said kind of. Chemistry, not biology was my passion. I never cottoned much to biology cause I always felt like after you accepted Darwinism there was nothing left. Call it sibling rivalry.

Anyway, any kind of science is more interesting when you see with your hands.


Short films explore cultural differences for English students

Ir's a shame more attention wasn't paid to this. Diversity is what makes us great. Perceived weakness can be turned into strengths with the proper leadership.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


No, I'm NOT talking about another building debacle like when they built CLASSICAL. Besides I kind of like sinking floors. No with the new MARSHALL it's the BOND that's in danger of sinking. People just don't feel like paying more taxes when they see the SUPERINTENDENT making $200,000 and a host of others making six figures. Not many homeowners much less parents work in that neighborhood.

To add insult to injury then they come up with a plan to ship off some poor babies to a refurbished retrofitted warehouse for over half a million dollars. The wheels on the bus go round and round. The SUPER in her leased car goes to the bank, goes to the bank, all year long!

Well some parents got angry, you see and they started this petition and they got 159 certified names in three weeks since the vote approving the plan. It wasn't me honest! be honest I did help gather a few signatures  You see, it's my hobby. If I remember my CITY CHARTER correctly that mandates the SECRETARY OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE schedule a PUBLIC HEARING in 90 days.

Boy that sure is going to be a distraction from the MARSHALL vote. All of this because somebody wanted to ram a baby snatching plan down some poor parents (not to be confused with poor poets) throats. I admit, I was fooled at first. Thank goodness there are parents out there smarter than me. Since I got my learning done back in WV. that probably includes most of you all.


Since I got notice yesterday that I have 346 certified signatures from the Board of Elections yesterday, I rushed down to city hall with 60+ sigs. I figured that way I could get this collecting signature thing over with  I  should be the second candidate to be certified. That MARIA is a machine.

Who was down at the HALL to congratulate me? At least I think so. It was DR. LATHAM and fellow candidate for LSC JOHN FORD. Well they didn't actually speak to me. I am not really surprised, I mean with the blocking of e mails and all.

Then I noticed FINE ARTS DIRECTOR. JOE PICANO/ What a band to? This too much! I am not worthy, (I got this HUMBLE business down.) "Hey Joe, what's up?"

As if I didn't know. He gave some made up cover story about some award presentation and some special premier of some AGGANIS movie. What a rouse just so as to not spoil the surprise. DR. LATHAM kept quiet so she wouldn't break character. She was so good, it was like I wasn't even there.

But you see I will be,


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Marshall land taking to cost Lynn $1.3M

Help me get this right, we are set to pay a little less than half as much to relocate Kindergarten classes from just three elementary schools on a temporary basis as we are allocating to acquire the land we plan to place an entire NEW middle school on for, at the rate LYNN builds, schools for over a HUNDRED years?


Classical students suspended for prank at Lynn English

SURPRISE! The BULLDOG'S kitchen has cameras. When you try to make omelets there, they see who;s cracking the eggs. While this is not a major transgression, it is one none the less.

I think it also represents a WONDERFUL learning opportunity. COMMUNITY SERVICE is the most appropriate punishment. Maybe some time at MY BROTHER'S TABLE or a food bank would help to reach them not to waste food. Having the toilepaper bandits wipe some of the DAWGS messes would help make them responsible citizens. No pooper scoopers needed.


Normally with such a NOTABLE title I would break into a long dialogue about my favorite LYNN CITY COUNCILMAN - HONG NET maybe a poem even but noooooo, I've matured. No really I have. I am now a wanna be public official. I've started my  APRIL FOOL'S DAY CAMPAIGN to be one of your next school committee members and as such I want to strike a serious note.

PICKERING, as it so often does. is reaching out to parents. This time with a safety concern:

Pickering Parent Workshop: Internet Safety Today, May 15, 2013
6:00 PM - 6:15 PM Welcome/Introductions
6:15 PM - 6:45 PM School Resource Officer Officer Hogan
6:45 PM - 7:00 PM Think Before you send Presentation "Question & Answers"
Reserve your seat now 781-477-7740 or email

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well just back from the LYNN CITY COUNCIL MEETING and I am confused, I am. Gere I thought DR. LATHAM was all for the new MARSHALL. She even testified before the council professing her support for the council's intention to take some property by some kind of DOMAIN thing. There was a transfer of $1.3 Million to take care of business, monkey and other kinds. Yes. even risky business.

So, imagine my surprise that the same DR. LATHAM would push forward with a KINDERGARTEN CONSOLIDATION plan which some parents pre-tell point out seems pretty painful to proceed. You see word has it enough signatures were turned in this same night to force the MAYOR to call a PUBLIC HEARING on the matter.


Don't you know that your stubborn insistence on proceeding with such an unpopular plan with  parents you proclaim to want their involvement. Well they are involved now and well it's well, it's gonna be problematic. You see this PUBLIC HEARING thing is going to GUM up things. If the signatures are certified that could hold up the approval of next years budget and and the BOND vote. well all of this fuss might just sabotage it.

I am sure she has a plan, I'm just not as smart as her to see it. Oh well, maybe there won't be enough certified signatures and it won't matter/ Then again maybe PIGS CAN FLY. I mean I did see it in a commercial,


Everybody was kind of ambushed at the LSC meeting where the PLAN was conceived. Principals were only informed about the outlines of the plan hours before the meeting of the VOTE and details surrounding the logistics were delivered with a wink and a prayer.



Ford parents: Revisit kindergarten busing plan

Can we tale a closer look at what TRACY princiPAL PATTYE GRIFFIN said, I mean everybody agrees there is an overcrowding problem It is definitely a detriment to learning.

But that posse of supporters MS. GRIFFIN brought to the meeting with her were all benefactors of the move. not participants. Even the parent whose kid will benefit from smaller class sizes (and whose kid wouldn't), I mean her kid wouldn't be the one on the bus. I wonder how she would feel if her 5 year-old's bus had to travel through the HIGHLANDS in the snow.

They've already budgeted $600,000 for this move. But when questioned where that money was coming from, no specific answer was given. You know what that means.

Monday, May 13, 2013


For a mere $600,000 we are about set to ease the overcrowding problem, well at least for one year hopefully. And we are set to do it by moving our littlest students who we don;t have to worry about them complaining cause they don't know no better.

They can actually ride on the same bus they sing about. After all, the wheels go round.

It's a good thing we got that waiver because whomever we bus to another location, we are going to lose valuable instructional time. Wait, you mean they still make us take those tests but they don't count for anything right?

Now I'm not as smart as those people who make those decisions but call me crazy (I;m sure some of you have some other words) but what about the idea of renting some space as a temporary measure instead of costly renovations that will have to be re-renovated in a couple of years when our problems are all grown up.

Wouldn't it be smarter to take a year and look at redistricting and utilizing FALLON SCHOOL a little better and then there's that WASHINGTON STEM SCHOOL (I still have to choke a little when I pair kids who don;t even read well yet with mass spectroscopy) is still growing.

You know what they say though, "A fool and his money will soon part". Speaking of oarts who is set to play the part of the fool? Don't worry about money, there's more where this comes from, it;s called PROPERTY TAXES.


JOE PICANO the FINE ARTS DIRECTOR for LYNN PUBLIC SCHOOLS is so much smarter and smoother than me. He managed to get kisses from 4 women in one night in public and he never even had to say I do or even I will. They came after him,

Some people might say it's all because for the second year in a row under his direction LYNN received a "Best Communities in America for Music Education Award". This actual presentation was delayed a couple of times until the actual plaques were delivered. Ol slick JOE wanted to actually have the hardware in hand to give to the lovely ladies, MAYOR KENNEDY, DR. LATHAM. DR. WARRY and SUE ROWE before having the ceremony.

Silly me, I've always brought wedding rings to my ceremonies. He got off cheaper with his four women than I did.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Out talking to people today who will soon enough be my constituents, I heard an interesting and troubling statement. I was going wait until my annual budget breakdown but this was too upset to wait. It kind of explains the tendency to see a lot of uncertified long term subs. It seems that subs are paid about 1/3 of what regular teachers are. This presents a lot of interesting dilemmas.

Often you get what you pay for. If you want professionals, you got to pay them like professionals. Being a teacher is hard enough of a profession without being a sub. I am speaking as a kid, we loved to have substitutes. It was like a game to see how much we could get away with and I was a good kid, I was If anything subs ought to get more. Call it hazardous duty pay.


I was just wondering something. Last week at the LSC meeting they took up several tweaks to several policies. One of which was the release of the REDACTED (I don't know if that's the right word but it makes me sound smart) minutes of the EXECUTIVE SESSIONS. I can't say I actually ever remember them coming before the LSC to be approved into the record but what the hey, for arguments sake we;ll say they have been. I do love to argue.

Now the MASS. ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL COMMITTEES recommended releasable minutes of the SESSIONS be released quarterly. Now LSC member RICK STARBARD was all set and ready to vote to enact the suggested suggestions. His logic being as a member of various associations through his business life he always found it smart to go with their recommendations.

However LSC member CHARLIE GALLO rather strongly objected to such stringent reporting requirements preferring to go with an annual reporting deadline. Being himself a member of an association like the BAR (sit back down they are not serving long necks) these recommendations have no legal standing that would make it incumbent on the committee to enact them verbatim.

Who is going to argue with a lawyer? I mean in every court case a lawyer is right half the time. That;s a pretty good batting average if you're playing baseball, which we're not but.....

So the yearly reporting requirement was adopted. That now does BEG THE QUESTION "What is going on behind closed doors that has to be hidden from us for a year?"


The date of the VOTE for the new MARSHALL has been set, Tuesday July 30th. Looking over the proposed schematics I couldn't help but notice there was NO WOTRING WING. Maybe I just didn't see it. I've told you the cataracts in my right eye are pretty bad. I know, I know, I'd better get it taken care of. You're starting to sound like my wife, my present one.

DO NOT let this be a reason you don't vote for the BOND. Since I'm running for the school committee now maybe there is some regulation about naming things after active members of the education system. You know like they have for all of those sports HALL OF FAMES (except the PBA I think).

Don;t be afraid of any financial irregularities that may be pointed out, I'm sure there is a FISCAL LAXATIVE somewhere in some accountants briefcase.


Word was last Thursday night at the LSC meeting that next years LSC budget will be ready by the MAY 30th meeting. That means for the THIRD year in a row, I will be going LINE BY LINE looking for frivolous fiduciary fiascoes.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Thank you to whomever told me to look into little EVI's artwork. I recommend rvrybody go checkout her page and LIKE it. We here at the WATCH sure do.
https://www.faceWORTH MORE


An artist from ABORN painted a picture that was auctioned off for a pretty penny. actually 19000 ($190) of them. Artist EVI ROBICHAUD donated the proceeds to The ONE FUND BOSTON to help the BOSTON MARATHON bombing victims.

What a selfless grown-up thing to do. Still, EVI wants to do more. Her  painting 'BOSTON STRONG" honors the part our four legged friends play in our protection.

EVI, we here at the WATCH are so proud of you!

Photo: Our second auction painting for Boston's victims is here: "Boston Strong," by 6-year-old Evelyn Robichaud of Lynn. Evi, a lover of animals, wanted to honor the hard work of the Boston Police dogs. This is a 9x12 acrylic painting on canvas paper. Bidding will run through Sunday evening and bidders can contact David, who is tagged in the photo. All proceeds benefit The One Fund Boston. Please share with friends & family and let's continue to help the victims of the Marathon bombings. Thank you all.

Friday, May 10, 2013


LIL' LORI has noticed a pdf up on the LPS website. That is a good first step....


I wonder if hard copies went home with all the students?

I wonder if they serve OMELETS down at the cafeteria at LVTI cause I heard there was a lot of scrambling going on.


Out on the trail today and had some interesting conversations. First I was told by someone signing my papers that they didn't like this translation business one bit. Back in the old days when his PAPPY came over to this country there weren't no translators. Everybody learnt English and that's that.

Well he's right or he was. You see the problem is that back in the old days being a minority meant well you were a minority. It's a different world now, in fact the world is in our neighborhood. Minorities are now a majority and the reality is that the old majority is one no longer thus hampered in their ability to dictate policy.

Also I asked someone to sign my papers and she would, she believed everbody had a right to run, but that she liked DR. LATHAM. Also that we were lucky to have her and This signature wouldn't translate into a VOTE.


but last I knew I wasn't running against DR. LATHAM....


she went and pulled papers behind my back. I have previously stated I am not out to FIRE DR. LATHAM. She has a contract that LPS is obligated to pay and enough poor fiscal decisions have been made without me advocating another one. No it will just be my job to help steer her in the right direction, just call me STAN THE SHEPARD.


You will be known by the battles you choose to fight. It has become apparent that the superintendent has chosen to go against many parents wishes and plans to put  their babies (well 5 year olds) in an old warehouse for storage for the school year. Seemingly she refuses to listen to the parents she so proudly boasts a working relationship with.

Well, what does that mean? Well a petition was started (and not by me) to demand a PUBLIC HEARING. If it it isdone in time, that will force LPS to hold a PUBLIC HEARING within 90 days thereby draining focus away from the need to pass the BOND necessary to build MARSHALL. All of this because DR. LATHAM wants it her way or the highway. That's a road many people don't want to be dragged down.


LORI, I couldn't have said it better so I am pasting your comment here so more people can see WHAT'S GOIN ON (You really don't want me to sing).
Pattye Griffin appeared to be a concerned principal who was acting in what she believed was the best interest of her students, staff and school. She came to the meeting with some of her teachers who showed their support for her. Dr. Latham smiled as Pattye was warmly welcomed to the microphone and she was even allowed to speak and give her opinion for more than the 3 minutes typically allowed. What I found interesting about this, was I remember back on November 8, 2012, when Claire Crane came to the meeting with parent members of her school council, she was not given the same courtesy. In fact, she was called derogatory names and insulted by John Ford. He called her a disgrace and said she should be fired. He said something about her making a mockery out of the proceedings. Patti Capano even scolded her in front of everyone. If I am not mistaken, I believe the issue brought up then was the same issue brought up tonight...overcrowding! I think it was made perfectly clear tonight just how much respect and support you get by this administration, if of course you support whatever it is Dr. Latham says, does and supports. Likewise, it was made perfectly clear at the November 8, 2012 meeting just how little respect and support you will receive if you don't!


Feds: Schools must have translators

Under agreement, innocence is maintained but what does this imply? Why sign a deal with such strict reporting requirements if you are in compliance? Why did it take so long?

The funny thing is that to complain about the lack of translators, the ones most affected need a translator. Sweet. Thank goodness for LYNN PARENTS ORGANIZING FOR A BETTER EDUCATION and LIL'LORI. Thanks to them for noticing a need and making sure LPS gets the word out.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Don't worry I'm not going to say anything. That's kind of appropriate in an ironic sort of way. You see the violation probably has to do with the fact a MOMENT OF SILENCE was on the AGENDA but nobody said nothing/

We just skipped over it. Nothing was said about saying nothing for a moment.


There was talk tonight of forcing another public hearing over a school committee vote. A vote that didn't take into consideration what is BEST developmentally for our most fragile kids. A plan put forward where the backs of five year olds bear the brunt of the business otherwise known as kiddie crowd control.  \

Seems like some parents are circulating a petition of protest pining that parents voices be given a chance to permeate and percolate with the politicians who passed the ill advised proclamation establishing a new warehouse in an old warehouse. All it needs is a little remodeling of the remodeling.

Now the princiPAL of TRACY gave an eloquent delivery of a dissertation on the need for space/ I agree we have BIG space needs, I just don't think we should be asking our littlest people to step up to the plate when they still need a booster seat.


Tonight's LSC meeting should be interesting, I wonder  how LPS is going to frame their apparent insufficient response to TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION. It's not me or even LIL'LORI who says so (Well we do but....), it;s the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS.

Also, It's kind of funny in kind of a discriminating sort of way that probably that same group of people in a disproportional number are going to be separate from their kindergarten kids and their school. On the bright side these little kids' parents won't see their kids teacher that much. Translation problem solved.



Policy sub-committee at 6 pm, regular meeting at 7. You know where. Come join me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The REAL cost of the KINDERGARTEN CONSOLIDATION otherwise known as CAMP CATHE is actually going to be closed to TWO MILLION DOLLARS ! Now you may wonder how I arrived at such an astronomical figure.

SPACE TRAVEL really. Spaces to the left of the decimal point actually. You see they already got budgeted $580,000 for remodeling the remodeled warehouse that we love as the COMMERCIAL STREET CONDOMINIUMS.

Now the current occupants, the administrators, are set to move to BENNETT STREET for a MILLION PLUS,  That's the location of the OLD FORD ANNEX where MCAS scores topped the city,



Somebody help me out here. PLEASE! 

Can someone explain to me how we pay someone in the 6 K neighborhood as a COMPLIANCE OFFICER yet we end up having to sign a THREE PAGE AGREEMENT  with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS regarding TRANSLATION.




Given the fact that LPS pays about $14,400 a year to provide lease payments for separate cars for the SUPERINTENDENT and the two DEPUTIES, I will offer to donate my fleet of campaign buses to cart them around. They will have to purchase their own CAMPAIGN CARDS.

I mean with their salaries that shouldn't be a problem.


If we are going to ask property owners to pay MORE taxes, then we all should do our share.


I want to be a good one. My mission as your next school committee member will be to tend the fiscal flock. Consider me just a humble (please don't choke) servant who doesn't want to mismanage your money/ Let's start with the KINDERGARTEN CATASTROPHE.

First off,  I think I was wrong. I believe I said it was $480,000. No it's $580,000. The sad thing is the fixes will be temporary but the costs are PERMANENT.

By choosing to move the youngest, littlest, and most fragile of our students we are going to be spending a lot of money retrofitting bathrooms that we wouldn't have to if we put in older kids. Yea, it's the kindergarten kids that we have too many of but we could free up the same amount of classroom space by moving less kids thereby still reducing class size.

We all know BUSING COST BUCKS  If we move fewer, we spend less. Simple math for my simple mind. BUT.....

then again......why even move at all.

Hey, what's you talking about ?

Well if we rented space to fix this temporary problem that looks like it may be permanent, I'm sure it would buy us a little time at a much cheaper price which would allows us time to come up with a more thought out plan that would better solve our dilemma. We could save transportation costs altogether.

Don't forget we are about to come to the tax payers to pay for a BOND to finance construction of a new school we desperately need. We can't expect their support if we can't show a past of prudent purchases.

Of course moving forward with the current plan would allow us to create at least one more six figure job that everyone will pay for and only one will get.

The creation of a new princiPAL.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


According to what I heard yesterday in a SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT COUNCIL meeting at FORD. DR. LATHAM is meeting with parents and teachers at BRICKETT tonight to try and sell the TRIFECTA OF TERROR  that's going to affect the five year olds at BRICKETT, FORD, and TRACY.

Maybe she'll reach out to me to help. You see, I had a pony growing up in WV and well you see, I know how to shovel manure.


I received the full agreement between LPS and OCR. I posted some of the details on your blog. Even though it is clear that the OCR did not believe LPS was in compliance, Dr. Latham still would not and does not admit or acknowledge any violations of any laws. Does this really surprise anyone?? It certainly does not surprise me! If LPS is in fact in compliance as Dr. Latham claims, why then are they required by the OCR to fulfill the many terms and obligations of this agreement or face possible administrative or judicial proceedings to enforce them? She needs to just face the facts and give up the charade!


 Classical recognized as one of state's top performing schools again

Yea! We should be happy, we got noticed for being good!


when you think about it we did go down from a silver medal to a bronze and the way they talk this level of award is kind of like kissing your cousin. Being from WV, I know a thing or two about that. It's like when my son played soccer, everyone got a trophy.

Well, not everyone......

Looks like ENGLISH didn't get invited to the dance.

Monday, May 6, 2013


It all makes perfect sense that the Kindergarten teachers weren't consulted before the consolidation plan was put to a vote. They are not allowed to pray at the COMMERCIAL STREET TEMPLE. You see,  teachers don't have the freedom to practice their religion like those who reside in the TEMPLE.


Let's gather up all the little of kiddies and bus them off to a distant land or at least to Commercial Street where they can be indoctrinated without the watching eyes of parents or siblings. Yes, yes, we can mold their eager little minds with propaganda that will convince them and their parents to keep the status quo. Ah ha ha ha!

We'll start with the poor kids, the most oppressed. No one cares or at least we don't. Ah ha ha. Then we'll move on to get those snobby little kids in WARD 1. Ah ha ha ha. We've got to keep our salaries up. With a little luck and the right teachings we can get those salaries over $200,000!


You know it's kind of funny, in an ironic sort pf way. Being a poet even if only a poor disabled one, I love me some IRONY. Tomorrow is TEACHER APPRECIATION luncheon at PICKERING. I am sure there are festivities throughout the district. The administration says:\

"Let them eat cake!"

All the while, they are telling the teachers:

"Sorry, you can't pray to our Gods because we get the day off and you don't.Nah nah,ne, nah nah!"

Seems the ADMINISTRATORS UNION (have you seen their salaries? I want to join THAT union.) grieved the fact that their religious holidays were taken away in 2007 and won.

Now the teachers have similar language in their contract. It seems like the fair thing to do would be to extend the same right to be religious to them. \


Not so fast Keem o sabe!

In order for the TEACHERS to practice their religion they have to take personal or vacation days. I guess you have to blame the teachers though, I mean it's a tactical mistake. You see they don;t PRAY to the same CASH COW as do the administrators.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Lori D'Amico8:29am May 2
I got word yesterday from the OCR that they have completed the agreement with LPS regarding translation and interpretation services. She said it was fairly lengthy (about 4-5 pages) and that I would be receiving a copy of the full agreement very soon. In the meantime, she did tell me a little about what was included in it and what the OCR is requiring LPS to implement. One is they need to have a set of district wide procedures informing parents/guardians of what they need to do, how they do it and who to contact to request these services. These procedures must be accessible to all parents/guardians. She also thanked me for filing a complaint because LPS was not in compliance and if complaints were not filed, the OCR would not have known. I couldn't help but chuckle and I told her how Dr. Latham always proclaims that LPS is in compliance and she even went as far as to proclaim at a recent SC meeting, that LPS was more in compliance and goes above and beyond than most other districts. What a joke!! She said the OCR will now be closely monitoring LPS to make sure they are following and implementing the requirements and she hopes me and other parents will be the eyes and ears for them and will report any incidents where LPS is failing to do so. I won't know the full details of the agreement until I receive it. But I will let you know when I do.

Friday, May 3, 2013


AMAZING!!!!! Pickering students and staff donated over $800!!! today for our Boston Strong! Day. All proceeds going to the One Fund. Thank you Pickering and thank you Pickering parents for your support and great kids.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There is never enough money to go around for education. So, it does seem to me that all the transportation costs, not to mention ant potential liabilities, it would just make since to me that we should explore options about renting some space to handle the overflow. That way we could keep kids in their own communities.

I know, I know, I was originally for this Kindergarten Center but honestly my judgement was temporarily impaired. I had just been trampled by a huge CARBON FOOTPRINT!