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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There this thing going on down at the LYNN MUSEUM tomorrow and well I guess everybody should attend. The MUSEUM see They did this presentation at Thurs. night's LSC meeting talking about all the things going on and how they want to work with LPS. Good deal because the MUSEUM is a valuable resource.

ATTORNEY JAMES CARRIGAN (it pains me to talk good of an attorney but work with me here) and ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ABBY BATTIS outline several different programs that I would like to elaborate on.....AT A LATER DATE.

Now I just want to talk about one and it occurs tomorrow from 6 until 8:30 pm at the MUSEUM at 590 WASHINGTON STREET. You see they are having a little get together called: "An Evening With Lynn Legislators". Scheduled to attend are SEN. THOMAS MCGEE, REP. ROBERT FENELL, REP. STEVEN WALSH, REP. LORI EHRLICH, and REP. DONALD WONG.

They will have a round table discussion for an hour and a half talking about who knows what (politicians are never short on things to talk about) but then  you'll have a chance to talk to them. Here's your chance. While they press the flesh, you press the issue. Bad things are happening at LPS and we want help. Maybe they don't have any DIRECT influence on all of these questionable transactions but if they start asking questions people will start listening to them a little faster than this poor, disabled poet.

Me, I honestly know if I'm going to make it. I mean the NEW LYNN COALITION is having a meeting at 5:30 and they invited me to come. I mean they offered dinner and well I don't work any more again and my stomach still gets hungry.

I may make it over in time to smooze a little and I bet they are serving dessert. (It sounds better all the time)

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