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Saturday, March 4, 2017


At the special meeting of the LSC last Thursday night member MARIA CARRASCO brought to the attention of the LSC the fears and concerns surrounding our immigrant student population, particularly the undocumented ones or who's parents fall in that category. Knives had to be pulled out to cut through the tension. No matter what side of the issue one fell on, everybody looked uncomfortable talking about it.

Apparently DR. LATHAM has held a meeting with the ACTING POLICE CHIEF at FACTEAU LEARY to address the concerns of our UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. I gather depending on your perspective whether or not that meeting was helpful. Anyway, not surprisingly it didn't generate a lot of questions from the audience.

LSC member DONNA COPPOLA was looking for some kind of assurances that could be offered to our students that they are safe from ICE while in school. While DOC. LATHAM tried to assure that that an ICE related arrest wouldn't happen, she was reminded that in this unstable environment that statement could not be guaranteed. The fact of the matter is any policy of the LSC would be subservient to the laws pertaining to ICE's authority.

To try and provide some comfort DR. LATHAM will be meeting with Lynn's ACTING POLICE CHIEF to draft a letter to be sent home outlining the schools policy and position on this issue.

It seemed to me that the MAYOR did not want to take a strong stance on this issue. That did not come as much of a surprise to me given her attendance at the inauguration of the originator of this problem.

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