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Friday, March 10, 2017


I need a favor. If you're working a detail at the polls next week, at the close when they post the results on the wall prior to bringing them to city hall, could you document the results and send them to me? I'm concerned that the Vote Yes crowd will stop at nothing to get their way, after seeing the lies and scare tactics they've been using. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Concerned you should be. How many of the hundreds of votes cast using the incorrect ballot were received back with the correct ballot? Did all those voters really receive a new ballot, or just those who voted yes? Does the Mayor know how many yes votes have been cast already and that is why she has resulted to using the elderly in hopes of getting more yes votes? Is this the same reason why the teachers union is abusing their position and using students to get more yes votes,legally or otherwise. Can the voters of Lynn really trust those in charge of ballots to be completely honest and law abiding when receiving and counting each ballot? Would anyone know if a few no votes mysteriously vanished in the mix? These are all valid concerns given the antics being used and history of misinformation, mismanagement and misuse by those in charge. I am a yes voter, but even yes voters can see the blatant shenanigans being used and favoritism being given to the yes vote. Many just won't admit it.