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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I got to get back to checking my email on a regular basis.

Dear Stanley:

I am writing you with concern of the new Pickering as a taxpayer... I would love you to post this but please protect my identity as I do not want repercussions as there are many bullies in our midst as you know... My question reads below...

     Can I ask as a taxpayer and parent how should the voters of Lynn trust the judgment and decision making of the Lynn Administration and the Lynn School Committee concerning the need for a proposition 2 1/2 override in order to construct two more middle schools at the cost of over $280 million when these same officials chose not to appropriately address and ignore egregious conduct unbecoming certain school employees at the school, to say the least.  How can we think they are going to act honestly and in our best interest on such a matter when they turned a blinds eye, made excuses and covered up offenses of those who exploit their jobs, instead of taking appropriate action to protect affected staff, students and taxpayers??  How can we trust them with this?  The answer is obviously no.
She probably got the overly inflated number from the same source as the alleged presidential  wiretaps but this person does reminds us of scandals of affairs and arrests of days past at the school. How comfortable does everyone feel about trusting these people with your tax burden (not me, I'm poor. I am a burden.) Not to mention these things were quietly swept under the rug.

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