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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Lori D'Amico Based on what I have read and heard from those opposed, nothing anyone says about the condition of the current Pickering will get them to change their vote to yes. Most of them agree Lynn needs new schools and if it were as simple as that, they would vote yes. The problem is because of poor financial and other decisions made by the Mayor, city council and perhaps others, the city is facing a financial crisis and voters question whether the city can afford this project. Taxpayers have read and have not forgotten the numerous articles in the Item over the past year or more outlining the financial doom of the city. City leaders need to stick to one version about the financial standing of the city. Instead, they flip flop according to their wants. When they want something (like a raise for themselves) there is money and the future looks bright. However, when it's something they don't want or will not directly benefit from (like funding for the schools), there is never enough money or "cash to go around" and they use scare tactics like throwing around the words layoffs, cuts to city servces, and prop 2 1/2. Taxpayers who have taken the time to get involved and educate themselves on the issues, know their property taxes will increase above the 4.6 % Mr. Caron claims. Many opponents are voting no simply because of the Parkland Ave locations. City leaders are not easing voters concerns by making contradicting statements about the Parkland Ave location and the planned uses for it. The Mayor casually sneaking in her plan to potentially also build a new Tracy and senior center on that land during an interview did not help matters either.

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