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Saturday, March 18, 2017


The 6 ‘alternative facts’ of school no-voters

I won't argue with the facts as Council President (I think I just threw up in my mouth) DARIN CYR puts forth. I think he actually might be right. However NONE of them address what I consider the OVERWHELMING reason for casting a "NO" vote.

WE SIMPLY CAN'T AFFORD IT!The precarious financial position the city is in was clearly outlined in a previous post by LORI and as I have pointed out in previous posts, for better or worse, the EDUCATIONAL LANDSCAPE is changing. Money that's supposed to be there may not be and with the devastating cuts coming down from the FEDERAL government, monies that are there, may have to be redirected to cover even the most basic of programs.

Not to mention there looks like there is going to be an explosion of CHARTER SCHOOLS in the near future.This could mean a corresponding dividing up of available resources and consequent;y reduction in the overcrowding problem.

It looks very much like we may have to pick and choose which popultion we choose to discriminate against.

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