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Monday, March 20, 2017


Opinion Lynn’s future begins tomorrow: Vote yes on schools I kinda agree with the points made in this opinion. They're all true,...
Lori D'Amico
Lori D'Amico "If you are pro-education and you understand the importance of providing students in West Lynn and the Pickering district the same opportunities that Marshall students now enjoy, you will vote yes."

What if you are pro-education, but also wonder why the 1000 plus Breed students are never mentioned and don't appear to matter at all to those writing these opinions. Do yes voters even know there is actually 3 middle schools in Lynn and a yes vote will mean there will be 4? I don't see how any voter in Ward 7 or other Wards that are currently Breed district could vote yes, especially if they have children.

"A yes vote will cost taxpayers, on average, about $200 extra a year for 25 years. That’s less than 55 cents a day."

OK, I understand this pretend fact looks good and may entice voters to vote yes thinking 55 cents a day is nothing. However, any voter who is a taxpayer that actually believes this (and shockingly there are many) must not have all the facts about the city's financial history or current standing. These voters will have a very rude awakening one day when opening up their tax bill. I am positive property tax bills will increase more than $200 and it will come shortly after the completion of the new schools just like with the new Marshall. The headline in the Item will read something like Tax Hikes due to Soaring Property Values and city leaders and Peter Caron will put a spin on it claiming the increase had nothing to do with the costs associated with building the new schools. They will try to convince taxpayers the increase is a good thing because it means their property values have increased, so on and so forth. What will eventually follow this headline will be the one about redistricting. Then all those voters who voted yes solely because they thought their children will go to the new Pickering, will be in for a rude awakening when their child does not. Perhaps their child will get shipped off to Breed (remember the other middle school with students they, and pretty much no one, cared about during the election)

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