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Monday, March 20, 2017


I kinda agree with the points made in this opinion. They're all true, Of course I could probabably say the same for the other side's arguments. So, on who's side will my opinion fall?

Well for me there really isn't even close. We can not afford to put this city on the hook for it. It seems like every few months we are facing a new financial crisis and it's always the same reason. Every time they claim to be surprised by this, make plans or agreements to rectify it, fail to follow through and forget about it until the next crisis.

Plus nationally, the Education is in such disarray that supposed promise resources and protections are in serious question that the time is right to hunker down and wait for some stability and clarity in direction.


  1. Please run for office ... we need Judy OUT. How they allowed the schools to come to such disgusting neglect is beyond me. Yet they continually give themselves raises and cut out our vital MUCH needed services here in Lynn - aka the POLICE! *smh* She needs to do her job and part of that job is to maintain public buildings, make repairs and cut the spending! Population control is another of her jobs she shirks.

  2. Lol, I am too poor. Although I could use a raise. Besides people get too nervous around me. I am not a real good team player and I am not good at keeping secrets or pushing false narratives.