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Saturday, March 4, 2017


On this episode of The American Dream Jim talked with Mayor Kennedy & Brant Duncan. They went over the…
A good argument is made for the need for the two new schools. There is really no debate here Toward the end of the program I found some interesting caveats.
1).If the vote passes and the city "gives" half of the disputed land to the cemetery commission, they mav to come up with a sizeable portion of money to buy a piece of what they think they think they already own,

2). A future Tracy may be on hold for a while why we pay off 3 middle schools but when it does happen it could well also be on the Parkland Ave. site.

3). Joining in the traffic tie up may also be a future senior center for all those freshly bribed seniors with the promise of a tax exemption. Where will all this money come from? Any guesses?

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