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Friday, September 30, 2016


I am sure everyone is tired of hearing this argument. Frankly, I am tired of making it. I've made it quite a few times already but this is kind of important here so I will make it again. Okay I will complain about these copies of communications that the SUPERINTENDENT gets and shares with the LSC in their "packets" (I think the ITEM usually gets one or they have in the past [I mean I have seen THE MIGHTY THOR have one] but never me because they probably see me as irresponsible [an argument that is probably TRUE]). They could scan the contents of that "packet" and put it up on the web for all the public to see but NO.

But here we go again hiding the truth right out in plain sight

There was as usual any revelation of what the report ACTUALLY said. Like I wonder if there was any reaction to the PUBLIC'S opposition to the chosen site selection. Probably wasn't, which in itself is troubling.

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