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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Lynn committee approves garden plan


Really? All that went on last night and this is the story the ITEM first comes up with? I got to tell you when I seen that reporter there at the meeting with her laptop I was intimidated. I somehow felt like less of a man.

She pretty much stayed until the end of the meeting and everything. I know she didn't spend as long as me but thats because she probably wasn't dependant on someone for a ride home. When she zipped up her laptop case, I tell you I got chills down my spine.

After a restless night filled with nightmares of journalistic persecution, it was with streams of cold sweat flowing down my face, the salty liquid burning my eyes as I turned on my computer to view the ITEM page. Then I quickly saw this fluff piece and I started to breath regularly again.

So it looks like I owe the ITEM a debt of gratitude, it would seem they consciously left the best stuff for me like the fact the LSC approved the Pickering building committee's recommendation for the two site plan for building new schools. GENE RAYMOND/GENE RAYMOND DESIGN & LYNN STAPLETON/PROJECT MANAGER, LEFTFIELD gave a detailed presentation of all 13 possible locations and the rationale they used to come to the conclusion they did.

As much as I like to disagree, I have to admit a ppretty convincing argument was presented but I can guarantee you this - "No matter which site is chosen, somebody will be furious!".

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