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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Ok, I know I do not have kids in LPS anymore, but I just cannot believe the things I read sometimes. Of all the challenges and problems LPS is facing (the city continuing to under-fund the schools MILLIONS year after year, lack of student resources, services and programs, overcrowded classrooms which impedes student learning, being one of the lowest performing districts in the state), school committee member Jared Nicholson thought required school uniforms was what was important and had it put on the agenda for discussion. Really? Perhaps it would be in the best interest of LPS and the students who attend, if the school committee stopped focusing on nonissues, like required uniforms, and started focusing on the real issues.

In the same meeting JARED NICHOLSON requested an accounting of how the new influx of $3.7 million of CHAPTER 70 money. 

So the MAYOR trotted out CITY OF LYNN, CFO PETER CARON to give a presentation explaining how it was all used to cover up an accounting underestimate made I assume by his office. The money was going to be used to cover health insurance premiums. It wasn't even crystal clear to me that it would be covering which city/LPS employees. Remember RETIRED LPS emplyees are treated differently when it comes to NET SCHOOL SPENDING.

Based on correspondence I received (FINALLY) from JAY SULLIVAN from the DESE (after getting the ATTY. GEN. office involved), I do believe ultimately that use won't fly.

I read that to mean that this new money comes with the expectation it will be spent on new things, not OLD bills. Maybe I'm wrong, after all I didn''t go to one of these fancy, smancy New England Ivy League type schools. Although one of the girls dorms at WESLEYAN did have IVY on the outside walls.

Anyway I don't think they will be held accountable in this political enviroment.

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