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Thursday, September 15, 2016




Remember before the site that was introduced last night and that had been approved unaminously by the LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE at their Sept. 7 meeting was after the one splashed all over the ITEM where the TWO buildings were side by side and to keep cost down would share a cafeteria.

Although I wonder about the TRUTH of their argument because the two seperate locations mentioned at the meeting last night totaled up to a significantly less amount. It does make you wonder if you can trust anything they say.

No matter what site they eventually choose there is going to be opposition. It's just the "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" syndrome. Because this is going to take a 100+ MILLION DOLLAR bond to pass, how much you yell is going to matter less than who votes.

At election time past arrests and questionable moral issues of those involved will become an issue, I promise you.

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  1. I have been told that several parents are angry and upset because their kids are forced to be in classroom sizes of 34 plus students for all core courses at Pickering. I heard there are 4 clusters and 2 of them have 34 plus kids while the other 2 only have 15 or so. Parents are told the clusters are separated based on math scores and the two larger groups are in an advanced math class. However, the overcrowding is not just in the math class, it is in all of the core classes. Rather than having 34 students in just the advanced math classes and then dispersing them to the other clusters that only have 15 students for the other core classes, parents are told their only option is to have their kid removed from the advanced math class, but doing so will prevent their child from taking algebra next year. The solution given to parents by school administration is to just wait until progress reports and those students who are not doing well, will be uprooted, separated and moved from all of their classes to the the other clusters, even if the reason they are not doing well is due to the overcrowded learning environment and not the material. From what I am told, many of the parents are not going to stand for this, nor should they.