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Thursday, September 29, 2016


At tonight's LSC meeting there seemed to be the sentiment to not allow field trips to NATURE'S CLASSROOM by ABORN and CALLAHAN SCHOOLS 5th grade classes to the HANCOCK, NH and FREEDOM, NH because of reports of recent bed bug infestations at another NC facility. Mind you there were no recent reports of the infestation at these particular.

There was testimony from DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT WARRY expressing regret but strongly recommending that the trips be cancelled. Since it would have been on short notice I think it would have been fair to say we could have kissed any monies we may have sent them good-bye. To ease the pain, promises of day trips to LYNN WOODS were offered as a shallow substitute. My perception of LSC members JOHN FORD, PATTI CAPANO and even the MAYOR  and probably JARED NICHOLSON would have voted not to allow the trips. MIND YOU THAT IS ONLY MY READ OF THE SITUATION, NOT ACTUAL STATEMENTS OF POSITIONS.

Fortunately there were a couple of parents in the audience and the LSC suspended the rules to allow them to speak. Impassioned testimony was given about this rite of passage and steps that could and would be taken to prevent any infestation. It was reminded by LSC member DONNA COPPOLA that movie theaters are very fervant breeding grounds for these little critters but people still go there.

I would say that I think the MAYOR flipped first, JARED and JOHN were pretty silent, with PATTI holding out the longest stating that she still had reservations and didn't want to take the position she was taking a parent's side over a principal's. MIND YOU, NO PRINCIPAL HAD EVEN WITHDRAWN THEIR REQUEST TO GO. A little grandstanding by PATTI, perhaps?

TOM IARROBINIO, the SECRETARY of the SCHOOL COMMITTEE testified that he got the sense that the principals had no problem with going. That being said PATTI dropped any semplance of obstruction and the permission to travel was granted 7-0.

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  1. Because of Latham's bullying, the principals at these schools were forced to cancel their trips. As a result, they lost their spots. Now all of the schools except Sisson will be going in November when it's freezing out. Sisson's teachers refused to go in November so these kids miss out on the opportunity and fun.