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Saturday, September 10, 2016


I would be remiss if I didn't say something about the dangers of brain injury faced in high school football. They are real, and can alter your life in countless ways.It's always a struggle weighing the risks versus the rewards. There are enormous social pressure to play along/

Even though I know first hand the life altering effects of brain trauma, my son is entering his fourth and final season on the LTVI football team. Of course I get worried but I think the benefits in physical developments and the life lessons learned make it worth the risk.

Especially since there is a strict concussion protocol and a managed craziness unlike in my youth unlike in my youth where the testosterone was free flowing. Now a days more respect seems to be paid to the players overall health and welfare.


Last Thursday night's opening NFL game between the CAROLINA PANTHERS and the DENVER BRONCOS was a tradegy passed off as a football game. CAM NEWTON was pummeled subjecting his head to numerous life altering blows. Instead of actually showing concer for the players health, all the NFL managed to show was what a sham and smokescreen their alleged respect for the players health was. This same sort of travesty occured in a preseason game with another player as well. I guess there's a next man up philosophy for the billionaire owners and their profits. There is no shortage of gladiators.

Don't more probably than not mess with tenths of pounds of air pressure in their footballs though, they have their integrity to protect.

Oh yeah, If you want to learn a little more about the effects of head injury, there is this. A short story from me will be included!