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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Some people might say this post is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to shamelessly share a picture of my son with unsuspecting readers. Honestly you would almost be 100% correct.


You see earlier this year, so early in fact it was last year. LAST SCHOOL YEAR that is, JOHN FORD raise concerns about school security during election times. The argument being LPS has spent so much time and money upgrading everyday security that it just seems ludicrous to throw caution into the wind the few times we end up having an election during school time.

Well that was last year even though it was earlier this year and since the SPECIAL ELECTION was on such short notice, options were limited. Promises were made of perhaps extra security at the schools and that seemed to alleviate the immediate concern. It should be noted that the MAYOR was absent when this idea was discussed in subcommittee so when it was put forth to the full committee it was passed without any details. Keep in mind that the MAYOR has the ultimate final say on who gets paid since NO money gets paid that doesn't pass through her cute little hands.

Well that SPECIAL ELECTION came, I voted, and probably in violation of some obscure election law I took a wide angle photograph showing one sitting police officer in the entire gymnasium where the voting was taking place.

This year, which is actually the next school year, same chair but different officer. I may be wrong, I am often, but I really didn't see any security upgrade. Honestly, given the sad financial state the city is in maybe that's all the safety we could afford. That's okay, we all have to live in reality not like on reality TV. That's okay, we're all a little too paranoid thanks to people like me. I just hate the hypocrisy just so some people can sleep a little better. Must not be any mirrors in their house.

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