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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Tonight was LVTI's Homecoming and what a celebration it was. The final score makes it seem closer than it was. LEXINGTON only scored on the final play of the game despite probably winning time of possession.

When TECH had the ball, it seemed like they scored on the first play from scrimmage most of the time they had the ball. Of course I think they ran back a punt and a kickoff too. I do believe they had two other touchdowns called back for penalties or it would have been more lopsided. STEFAN GRAVELY had six touchdowns on the night for an outstanding performance.

The ycing on the cake was when a member of the football team, Mikayla, was voted Homecoming Queen! My daughter ASIAH was a cheerleader with her years ago in Pop Warner for the East Lynn Bulldogs. Small world.

PS - I was so busy texting ASIAH, I didn't notice TRIPPY escorted her on the field at halftime, lol.

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