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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Avenue in Lynn lead to call for further review of plan:
Pickering Middle School (Item file photo) By Gayla Cawley LYNN — Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy will call a meeting to discuss legal questions that have ari...

It's hard to believe this was suddenly discovered when I believe they were given warning about it at the first public meeting back in the spring. This will end up being a MAJOR delay I'm guessing cause surely there will be another public meeting allowing for comment of any new site......


this is all part of some elaborate scheme to shove a particular site down the citizens throat.

Plus while there is no doubt we are growing, the fact that we had only around 60% of the increase in new students that they had been screaming about when all the numbers came in (ie. - not the 500 they'd been selling) does raise legitimite doubts about their truthfulness.

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