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Thursday, October 6, 2016




There have definitely been improvements overall and that is a good thing. The key word there is overall.

In science, which is only offered with MCAS, Lynn had a CPI of 72.3, a 2.4 improvement over last year. The city scored 6.5 points lower than the state, improving over its 9.5 gap in 2015. The city’s scores are up in the subject, despite a decline in state results from last year.

As LSC member DONNA COPPOLA pointed out there was some troubling results particularly in the elementerary science subgroups. These could unfortunately be a predictor of future scores. I don't think her concerns were rebutted or was there much of an attempt.

Look at the breakdown for the TRACY SCHOOL for SCIENCE in the 5th grade.

"Warnings" have more than doubled and "Proficient" scores are only 73% of what they were last year. It just so happens that these drops coincide with the ABANDOMENT with the successful KNOW ATOM program and the EXPANSION of the administrative payroll. Coincidence?

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