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Friday, October 7, 2016


The members of the PICKERING BUILDING COMMITTEE voted to proceed as planned with the site selection process despite very real threats of litigation. They have kinded budgeted in if you will about a two year delay to overcome any judicial gymnastics. There is a pretty well organized resistance to the reservoir site but since they now believe they can proceed with construction on the McMannus field site while it plays out in court that is a fight they are now willing to fight. Especially since the Magnolia site the other side seems to be pushing is likely to have an equally long delay due to political problems and the expense of moving a couple of MWRA water lines.

DIANE CHAKOUTIS fought passionately against proceeding with the already approved plan. In the end, she was the only one voting against it. In what was what I considered to be a WHIMP-OUT, DR. LATHAM ABSTAINED. You know, whether you agree with her or not, she gets paid pretty well to have an opinion on what's in the best interest in the education of our kids. All I can say is that I hope that fence is pretty sturdy that she is straddling.

Not to worry people against the site. Even if you lose in court, there are several more hurdles before any construction anywhere. The biggest worry is how they're goning to pay for it. I thought I heard cost estimates of $180 MILLION or so resulting in an increase of $160 in property taxes to support a bond covering our costs (minus the MSBA conribution). They tried to pass off the idea that we would only have to bond out our portion but we know that to be FALSE since we had to bond the total MARSHALL cost up front and MSBA reimbursed us for ALLOWABLE expenses as we went along.

Staytuned for more BUZZWORTHY drama!

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