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Friday, October 14, 2016


So now there is a new building usage policy that allows for the proportional sharing of the cost of the janitor if two different groups are using the school building at the same time. Seems that cost has added up to some big, cost prohibitive numbers real fast.

Probably most in danger of was the ADULT ENRICHMENT stuff and the E TEAM. Those janitor fees can add up really quickly, just ask LYNN YOUTH SOCCER. I am not privy to any numbers but I do hear grumblings.

The most telling thing about the discussion last night was highlighted in LSC member Atty. JARED NICHOLSON who said basically, "This all that we can do". See the fees are structured in such a way that most people can fall into some predetermined category they get to actually get to use the building rent-free.

The real expense comes from the cost of the janitor and if you just started reading my blog, let me say again, " The janitors are not LPS employees". No, they have been outsourced to the city who in turn have outsourced some of those services around the union to a private cleaning company. This model kind of parallels the same kind of practices done with mortgages in the housing crisis. How did that work out?

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