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Saturday, August 6, 2016

USE OF CH. 70 FUNDS (PLAY TIME IS OVER);;;; Lynn Teachers Union; Thomas Iarrobino; Cc:; Jared Nicholson;;; Maria Carrasco;;

Dear sirs,

On Thursday night at the Lynn School Committee meeting I was heartened to learn that some $3.7 million in Ch. 70 funding was being restored to help ease the burden caused by a change in the calculations of just who qualifies as economically disadvantaged. The joy was short-lived though as I learned that the Mayor ( who was absent from the critical meeting where the FY 17 budget was passed) plans to deposit those monies straight into the General Fund.

So instead of getting help transitioning through these rocky financial times, the Lynn Public School system has to bear the full brunt of these changes while the Mayor has found a new source of income to fund her reckless fiduciary decisions.

Sadly she may be well within the legal parameters of her authority to make such an irresponsible decision. It is my understanding that most members of the Lynn School Committee will try and make some overtures to get a least a small portion of that money to restore at least some programs. Do to the precarious financial state of the city, I am not hopeful.

I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Attorney General and the Treasurer in hopes that some sort of action can be done. Tragically I am not expecting any help.


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