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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Here I was all set to go to a Cookout/Fundraiser/Meet-n-Greet for WILLIAM CASTRO, a Democratic Candidate for ESSEX COUNTY SHERIFF at LSC member MARIA CARRASCO'S house.

I was excited not only cause I was going to get another interview and a couple sweet pics but I've been to a couple of MARIA'S cookouts before. Good food, good times.

However as I walked by this evening her yard was empty. No doubt the party was canceled due to the threatening weather. So the evening wasn't a total loss, I swung by my office and picked up a coffee. I needed the steps anyway and no sense wasting them.

Seriously I was looking forward to meeting WILLIAM. I must say I was impressed with his variety of experiance from what I've read. But you know what thet say about a picture's worth, can you imagine the value of a video?

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