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Saturday, August 27, 2016


I really haven't formed a good solid opinion on this race yet but I believe this is although I am sure is PERFECTLY LEGAL, still it is a little unsettling given the dire financial state LYNN is in. It's a shame he doesn't "restructure his contract" for the team's best benefit. LONG LIVE TOM BRADY!

Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger says he will exploit a loophole to let him collect a full pension AND a full salary. Share with your friends and tell Coppinger to reverse this position that would cost Essex County taxpayers.

For the video click below

Mind you, EDDIE O'REILLY promised to give me an interview then backed out the day of  after the weather. Bad optics I'm sure. He had reached out to me after seeing the MIKE MARKS one I did. COPPINGER'S people, not him personally, promised to hook me up but it really doesn't look like that's gonna happen. It was a long time ago.

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