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Monday, August 8, 2016


Use of Ch. 70 funds

Mr Wotring,

The city is still required to meet the Net School Spending requirement in order to be in compliance with Education Reform Act of 1993. The additional funds the city received also increased the Net School Spending requirement.

As long as the city is meeting the spending requirement, they are in compliance with the law.


Jay Sullivan
Executive Director

School Finance & District Support
Okay, so you know what that means. The additional $3.7 million they got increased their net school spending requirement, so its not the same as "FREE" cash. So what that means if they want to stay compliant with the law which I might add has never been a priority with the KENNEDY administration, they better spend it in places that meet the NET SCHOOL SPENDING rewuirement not just any place JUDY wants. This could get interesting.

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