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Wednesday, August 31, 2016




I wish I would have known about the meeting, I would have went. I should have been paying attention. This one is on me. I am sure it was not a SECRET meeting just as sure as I am I was missed, sorta.

" unanimous vote by the Pickering Middle School Building Committee Tuesday to support an option to build two new middle schools to replace Pickering. One school would house 652 students near Breed’s Pond Reservoir, while a larger school for 1,008 students would be built on McManus Field on Commercial Street."

Well at least itlooks like this idea won't be one masquerading as two like the last one put out by the paper, probably as a trial balloon to guage the public's sentiment. I believe the period is too short to allow a commute to a lunch room. TIME-ON LEARNING, you know.

 be built on McManus Field on Commercial Street. 

I would bet it's a pretty safe bet there will be a lot of opposition from the ATHLETIC community at TECH to this plan. At the last public meeting at Pickering the LTVI Athletic director at LTVI expressed concerns with that particular site. IT TAKES TWO FOR THE NEW Seems like in that WARD it's just easier for everybody to put things at the expense of some of the citizens, oh I don't know like the proposed MARIUANA DISPENSERIES.

To be fair, there is going to be opposition to any site.

put forward an initial price tag of $83 million for the project.

They must have found a heck of a sale at HOME DEPOT because the figure put forth at the first meeting was $ 132 MILLION. I believe that figure was tossed around the last big front page splash in the paper.


  1. The city built a new Marshall that I believe has a 1200 student capacity. The enrollment at Marshall is already near that figure, perhaps more this year. These two new schools will have capacities of 652 and 1008. Breed's enrollment is already over 1200 and Pickering's is over 600. Therefore, there are already close to 3,000 students (perhaps more this school year) attending middle school in Lynn in overcrowded classrooms and schools and the total capacity for these 3 new schools is only 2860. It looks like Lynn will not be resolving the overcrowded issue and students will still continue to be cramped in overcrowded classrooms and schools. They will just be new ones that could cost taxpayers close to $100 million.

  2. I don't believe there are plans to replace BREED so what we are looking at is the adding of an additional middle school to make 4 total in the city.

  3. It is only a matter of time before Breed too will not be suitable. To my knowledge, it has been facing issues for many years due to poor construction. Also, does Breed have any shop classrooms still in operation? The new Marshall has several new ones and my guess is the new schools will too. Therefore, students who attend the new schools will have more educational opportunities than those attending Breed. City and school leaders talk about charters being separate and unequal. Well LPS already has a separate and unequal education system and it sounds like it will be getting worse. Also, the capacity for the new Marshall is 1100, not 1200, which is also worse for the overcrowding issue.