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Thursday, August 4, 2016


As LYNN is spiraling toward economic disaster JUDY was absent yet again from another school committee meeting any not just any meeting but one where the FY 17 budget was being voted on, not to mention the public hearing that proceeded it (to be totally honest other than a reporter from the ITEM, I was the only one in the audience).

There were many heated discussions about the shortfalls in this budget particularly the lack of any afterschool programs in the budget. DONNA COPPOLA backed by MARIA CARRASSCO to not pass or table next year's budget and almost proceeded but the swing vote in this case, LORRAINE GATELY was persuaded to vote on its passage after receiving assurances from DR. LATHAM that she would look into the matter and TRY to come up with a pilot program or something. Based on past history LORRAINE I wouldn't be too confident. What I am CONFIDENT of MRS, GATELY is this bridge I've got to sell you.

What amazes me is how before last year's budget was passed everybody was confidently spounting out percentages of NET SCHOOL SPENDING that the budget would hit or meet. This year all anyone could say was we won't know anything until October so we have NO idea if we are at 100. %, 95%, or 80%. Want to bet which number we're closest to?

Perhaps the MAYOR was absent because she was licking her wounds from an earlier meeting that was held at the state level with representatives from the ATTORNEY GENERAL, STATE TREASURY DEPARTMENT, and I believe the SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE where the city was roasted on its precarious financial postion.(I hate to bring it up but I did talk to two of those three by phone a little earlier)

It would seem this NET SCHOOL SPENDING issue is starting to constrict the noose a little tighter around the financial neck of our leader. Still she is negotiating raises with certain city empolyees that set the bar going forward for certain bankruptcy.

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