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Saturday, February 18, 2017


Well please excuse my ignorance for a minute. Besides just being a countrified, poor disabled poet. I've been away from the game a while. There were of course the obligatory computer problems, I had those before and it NEVER stopped me for a fraction of the hiatus I've had.Yeah there were other things.

You could even call them good things if by good you meant good at being bad. Anyhow I happened to catch parts of a couple school committee meetings being rerun on TV and I got this knawing at my stomach to comment. At least I think that's what it was and not my cooking.

At the end of the last LSC meeting in January, I swore I heard MAYOR KENNEDY go through the rationale for moving the custodians under the direct control of the LSC. Because since the paychecks of the3se maintenance employee's paychecks didn't originate from LPS Lynn was not allowed to count their health insurance and benefits toward  NET SCHOOL SPENDING even though 100% of their time was spent at the schools. Sounds like a reasonable argument. The cost could add about a million dollars to NSS. A sweet little deduction. I've always said that MAYOR was smart.

Although I did remember having contact with various custodians and hearing their stories of being on the move all the time. In fact I was in city hall turning in nomination papers a few years back. (Remember me LOSING) when I chatted with a school custodian who had been called over to work in the auditorium.

But also I watched this past Thursday's LSC and lo and behold there were a couple of custodians giving testimony that seemed to contradict JUDY'S claims.  Now before recent developments I might have accused her of lying, you know, fabricating. Luckily have learned recently of the existence of alternative ffacts and I guess she is just in possession of some of them.

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