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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


For Mayor Kennedy's attention regarding the Home Rule petition for the movement of the custodians

Dear Mayor Kennedy,
I do hope this letter doesn't reach you after you have made your decision on whether or not to sign the Home Rule petition. Nevertheless I felt it important enough to  take a chance and at least get my opinion on the record.
While I am in agreement with the entire school committee in wishing to have the custodians under there purview rather than ISD. Also I am in agreement with them that the current Home Rule petition is not the appropriate vehicle to make it a fair and equitable transfer.
It would seem to me that the petition is overly complicated yet vague enough to allow for misuse. I believe LSC member PATTI CAPANO was correct in pointing out something just doesn't smell right about this whole transaction.
While I agree the initial intention to capture the monies spent for the custodians health insurance was a worthy and right idea, I do have suspicions how it all appears to have played out.
I applaud your intention to keep the transfer revenue neutral it does appear to hold the school department hostage forcing them to pay ransom via a stipend. Given the financial trouble the city and school department are in, not only does it not sit well with me it would seem to violate your pledge
Consequently I urge you to veto this petition and send it back to council to be reworked such that it does become revenue neutral.. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Stanley H. Wotring, Jr.

Stanley Wotring <>

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Jamie Cerulli
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