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Friday, February 24, 2017


Lynn seeks middle ground on school project

Lynn seeks middle ground on school project

Clearly there is a deep concern about the likelihood of the passage of this measure. Plans appear in the works to peel off opposition with at least the appearance of some concession.  While some people may have a valid arguments about the proposal's location, my concerns don't take into consideration the whereabouts.

It's all about the "money". While it's true that the building of a new school would have a positive effect on home values, that increase must be weighed against the stifling effect of higher taxes. But you know what, I don't even want to weigh in on that argument.

My fears are two fold: 1). I am concerned that in light of the chaos surrounding the national chaos surrounding both the direction of the US Dept of Education and the emergence of a greater proclivity for the emergence of more charter schools shared by our governor  that the money coming into our district will be reduced and 2). the city's continued fiscal malfeasance in regards to their own responsibilities when it comes to solving our Net School Spending Crisis we have been spinning our wheels. This crisis has been playing out for a few years now and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. The excuses are getting old. Can we trust them to correctly spend the fruits of a $200 a month property tax increase?

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