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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Interesting point, sorta. I have heard talk of maybe using the old Pickering for an expansion of Sisson. One of the arguments against the old Pickering is that it is in such deplorable condition that  it is not cost effective to rehab it. Well it definitely is in bad shape, I've seen pictures.

But eventually putting elementary kids who are more sensitive to the lead and other contaminants that have to exist in any old building doesn't make the best of sense. When are they going to start tearing down the old Marshall by the way. We put extra money on the bond to pay for it, like around $4million. Disposing of certain things like asbestos is so expensive. And you know PICKERING is older than MARSHALL don't you know?

Another twist in the Pickering saga.... superintendent said Pickering will used for elementary school but they keep posting pictures of how bad it is. Why can't they rehab and add new wings for a middle school then? They say we are spreading false rumors

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