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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Mayor weighs custodian transfer

Details, details, details. Funny the image the ITEM used could have a double meaning/ Yes on the surface the story is about custodians, the sweepers of the halls but it's also about a brazen attempt to sweep a pay raise under the rug.

My understanding of the current situation that the cost of the current custodians, public employees and private mop mercenaries are mostly counted in NET SCHOOL SPENDING already due to a little nefarious accounting trick called, "IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS". It's just that their paychecks have the City of Lynn  on them instead of the Lynn School Department. Because of that fact, LPS can't count the cost of those employees' health insurance toward NSS. Really that's because these maintenance men are not dedicated workers only on school business. Has the MAYOR even asked the DESE if the city could at least pro-rate the workers' health insurance contributions to count toward NSS? Of course that would expose just how much the custodians are actually jerked around on city business.

Now I am not one to start trouble or make wild claims that may or may not be true, after all I've got a reputation to think of. Well maybe that's not the best argument. Bottom line is I believe this petition is crafted in such a way to reward certain individuals with a pay raise through a stipend that have the double benefit of being sneaky and counting toward NSS.

How it would blowup the LPS budget, now that's a different conversation for another day. On this day I would urge everyone to call the MAYOR and urge her to veto this petition to uphold her pledge to keep the move (which I do agree with) revenue neutral.

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