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Sunday, February 26, 2017


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 Last night, the opposition to the two schools vote had a fundraiser/rally. It looks like it was pretty well attended but then again that's what they want you to think. Everybody seems to be in agreement that there is a problem with overcrowding.

The problems come with agreeing on a solution to the problem. One wave of the resistance is focused on the location of one of the schools. No matter how correct their argument might be they would not be successful. Every location has its problems and those affected are outnumbered by those who aren't. It's hard to rally people to vote unless you can convince them it personally affects them.

I am not sure they have been successful in that. However in their favor is another strain of parallel opposition to the raising of taxes. I know there has been pushback from the pro 2 schools faction that our property taxes are only a little higher than other communities that have built schools. To that argument I want to remind everybody that we have a lot of schools including two built in the 1800's. Does that mean a tax increase each time? That will add up pretty soon. We will learn the power of compound interest.

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