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Saturday, April 1, 2017


I just finished watching a replay of last week's LSC meeting for the first time. Wow, I really need to start attending those again. Who knows when they get put up on web?

Seems like the MAYOR picked a good time to be absent for a well timed absence. They were talking about NET SCHOOL SPENDING again. City CFO PETER CARON was there to deliver the grim news No longer am I going to apologize for not being a MATH person when I explain things. That doesn't mean I won't get it wrong it's just that there is a whole lot of MATH people in this CITY that consistently get it wrong and there salaries have at least six more figures than mine.

It's about to get real. They have been tossing all these numbers around about how much we under spend and are behind, $3.5 million here, $8 million depending on who's doing the spinning (Don't forget the Mayor and Lt. Gov. pencil whipped a $18 million bill down to $9 Million) but it has always been abstract. Well from my understanding in June $#@t is about to get REAL!

Our CH. 70 money for June is going to have $800,000 clawed back because of the CITY"s failure to make NSS. The way I understand it that doesn't mean that LPS is actually losing money. Therre budget is set and is short. The CITY is obligated.

What it does mean is the city was counting on that money as revenue and it ain't going to be coming in So there going to have to find that money elsewhere in the city budget. How's that rainy day fund looking? Thee weather is not going to be nice in the corner office.

Needless to say LSC member DONNA COPPOLA was hot and read MR.CARON the riot act. i guess she is getting tired of the continual parade of mistakes and the repeating of the same recycled excuse. She proposed instead of blindly taking whatever figures the CITY dribbles out that a group of people from the schools take a more involved and proactive approach in the crafting of the figures.


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