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Saturday, April 1, 2017


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Due to the documented presence of LEAD and ASBESTOS, not to mention recent air quality and temperature regulation issues it has been so ordered that all students be immediately evacuated for health and safety concerns.

Given the recent failure of your debt exclusion may we suggest transferring these students by bus temporarily to the school administration building at 100 and certain administration officials can have offices in the moldy basement.

In an effort to expand the tax base, the Mayor has also decided to join the LPS officials in the basement in order that her corner office at city hall may be rented out and turned into a VIP LOUNGE for the concerts at the LYNN AUDITORIUM.

This tragic news for the kids of LPS is in addition to my recent reporting of the CONDEMNING of COBBET..

This was fake news although I can assure there was NO Russian hacking of the WATCH!

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