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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Lynn fire stations burned by budget cuts

I am going to receive a good deal of flak for throwing that suggestion out there but it is so obvious  to me I had to point out the blatant hypocrisy. My commitment is to honesty and the truth and what the heay, no one likes me anyway.

Although Lynn is certainly a diverse city and applying the laws of probability a wide variety varying ethnic origins could have photobombed the photograph. It just appears to me to be someone  who doesn't fit the white, Irish profile. Why was it necessary to have anyone in the shot? Is the Item so cash strapped that they can't afford film for another shot unobstructed by a citizen? Are you having questions of documentation and was that the real intention? Maybe not but the juxtaposition is just kind of curious to me. Of course it just could be my own paranoid delusions resulting from the long term effects of my brain damage.  It just seems a little funny in a hypocritical way given all this apparent introspection and self-examination being published by the paper right now.

The current MAYOR has sought to blame the current influx of "immigrants" financial woes of the city. All at the same time minimizing or ignoring their monetary contribution to the city. Spewing blame around diverts attention that warnings were ignored with no adjustments to a political agenda. By perpetuating the seeds of hostility that allows the continuing shifting of the blame thereby avoiding the acceptance of any responsibility.

Call me crazy, I mean I really do have brain damage. It is sometimes difficult to understand me when I talk the talk and walking the walk is not always easy for me, Just yesterday I fell coming out of city hall. Sure I scraped my forearm, was a little blood, but the real pain came from injuries no eyes can see.

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