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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


While finding a "NEW" site is not as easy as finding an empty parking space, conversation does matter for clearer discussion. Until recent school committee meetings I was a fairly regular speaker at "Open Mic". In fact some times I was the only one in the audience.

I have been doing this blog for seven years, written scores of letters, however I have NEVER gotten a call from the MAYOR (Although she has called me out at her STATE OF THE CITY  speeches a few times) or a letter or Dr. Latham. Although DR. LATHAM did corner me before an :LSC meeting to discuss the merits of a particular poem. There was the threat of someone getting a lawyer. Good thing it didn't make me shake in my boots because I have bad balance.

Sure engagement has to be a two way street but there is a history of suppressing it. Granted the MSBA rules are complicated and cumbersome and charter schools get to circumvent them drastically lowering their cost and giving them an "unfair" advantage.  But citizens don't buy much AD SPACE so it is more cost effective to attack individuals than corporations


  1. It's the mayor's and superintendent's job to solve the school problem, not Don's........

  2. Well there is precedent for making up their own facts, ie. NET SCHOOL SPENDING. In this case the Mayor gives the numbers to the Super. who blind;y accepts them.

    1. Also it is kind of ironic coming from a paper running a series on bigotry at the same time they put a possibly racist, inflammatory picture on the front page on a story about fire stations closing.