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Sunday, June 11, 2017


I have offended my fair share of people with this blog and for that I am sorry, not sorry. My constant overwhelming mission was to enlighten, inform and generally get the attention of educators, elected officials, and parents everywhere to the important issues surrounding our schools. I figured the administrators and elected leaders were big enough to risk getting their feelings hurt in order to insure that proper attention and due diligence was being carried out. Well after much reflection and consultation with my kids and a few others, I have tried to turn over a new leaf and make a serious attempt this time at getting elected to the school committee.

I am still poor, disabled, and able to turn a phrase. What is different is I feel the need to share my unique perspective and insight into what looks to be an increasingly troublesome outlook for public education, all manners of education for that matter. Consequently I've decided to get serious in my delivery of my goals for a better education. I hope they are yours as well!

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