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Friday, January 31, 2014


Cogratulationns to DEBRA JOHNSON who was appointed to a CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY position for DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT ROWE. The job starts on February 4.
She couldn't make the meeting last night to take her bows. Someone said she was on vacation. It was also said SUPERINTENDENT ROWE will have plenty of work for her


Lynn Breakers Soccer
Dear Supporter:
The Lynn Breakers are a U-18 Girls Youth Soccer Team that has been playing together since 2009. 2014 will be their 6th season together. The team is a true reflection of Lynn and the girls play soccer at various high schools throughout the City.

The Breakers are made up of players who believe in and care for one another. They have embraced the values of hard work, commitment and dedication. The strength of the team is the cohesive bond of friendship, always giving one hundred percent and never, ever giving up, even in the face of adversity. The team also understands the importance of community involvement. They have participated in many charitable events over the years, such as New Year’s Day Polar Plunges (3 years in a row) to benefit the Hungry of the North Shore, running road races for MGH Pediatric Cancer Research and for women’s advocacy groups as well as volunteering at local elementary schools.

Over this time period the Breakers have been fortunate to enjoy tremendous success on the field. They have beaten club soccer teams, been the Essex County Champions three times, won six different soccer tournaments and gone further than any Girls youth team in Lynn's history, losing in overtime in the Division 1 State Championship. They have played 76 games together and lost only 17. This success has led the Lynn Breakers to be invited to play in the prestigious 25th Emerald Cup Soccer Tournament in Limerick, Ireland this summer, representing both Lynn, MA and the United States

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a wonderful group of Lynn kids. However, to do so, they must raise a substantial amount of money and it is for this reason we write. Any donation, no matter how small, would be a great help in reaching our goal and make the girls dreams come true. If interested, please make your check payable to Lynn Breakers Soccer, a non-profit organization (46-4443496) and accept our sincerest gratitude.

Thank you,

Nicolette Angelli Karissa Burton Rebecca Potter
Rachael Roy Brianna Goulet Francesca Galeazzi
Meghan Phelan Katherine Lozano Jillian Strileckis
Briana Silva Rachel Hanlon Erin McManus
Veronica Uk Krista Cuozzo Annette Ruggiero
Taegon Nelson Coach Tim Phelan
Ali Sloan Lynn Breakers Soccer
2 Meghans Way
Lynn, MA 01904


Last night PATTI derailed the principle of parental equaity on the picking of principals. Because of her proclaimed fear of going forward due to a proposal of a potential sudden illness of a parent assigned to a SCREENING COMMITTE thereby preventing the process of a timely and pertinent pick. There was that worry about language of 3 versus up to 3.

Well I am prepared to offer my services as SUBSTITUTE PARENT.  That way if one of the parents that was picked to be on the committee suddenly gets sick, give me a call and if you send a car by I;ll rush down their to sit at the table. Don't worry, I'm always available, I got nothing to do. Now you know I don't have kids at every school. I know I've been married 4 ties but.....As you have proven from the last screening committee, you don't mind if the parent has no direct ties to the school in question.


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Singlehandedly she convinced the whole LSC to return a unaminously approved motion on the make-up of the screening committee back to the Policy subcommittee for a little more tweaking. Her concerns were simple enough and on the surface quite valid, She wanted to rewrite the adopted policy to say up to three parents instead of three/.

The reason given was she didn't want to leave that language because just in case one of the three parents got sick and theoretically then even if everybody else couldn't go forward with the interview due to the unplanned absence of one of the three parents. All or none, yes or no. A legitimate concern.

However following that line of logic, the same could be said for having a specific number of any categories whether school commottee members or administrators. The KEY is to make sure there are EQUAL number of parents to administrators.

UNTIL the policy is successfully tweaked the water has been successfully been muddled and the SUPER got her groove back. CHUCK and JOHN ought to be kissing her feet. She saved them from their looking like they are suddenly ANTI-PARENT because she successfully confused everyone so they didn't know what they voted for. Darn that woman talks like I write

She is even funnier than me. One of the things she brought up was maybe there was a need that a vote that was taken in a subcommittee shouldn't be approved by the whole committee on the same day. By waiting a couple of weeks to digest the motion approved by the sub it would give eeryone time to digest what they would be voting on. Again a valid point but I just can't help but wonder why these legitamate concerns had never been brought up before.


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As many of you know, as a result of their succcess on the field, the Lynn Breakers U-18 Girls Youth Soccer Team has been invited to play in the prestigous 25th Emerald Cup Soccer Tournament in Ireland this summer. This great group of Lynn kids has been playing together in Lynn for years and has formed a unique bond of  friendship and love for the game of soccer. They believe in teamwork, dedication and never giving up, either on the field or in life. In addition they have participated in many charitable events over the years, understanding the importance of giving back to the community. A true reflection of our City.
Now they need the help of the community. The team is hosting a Fundraising event thisSaturday, February 1st, at 7:00pm at the Gannon Golf Course Clubhouse in Lynn. It should be a lot of fun with a DJ, dancing, food and raffles. Parents and kids of all ages are welcome.
Please help The Breakers represent not only Lynn, MA but the United States as well.
Thank you.
Please Accept our Heartfelt Gratitude for your Generosity and Support.
If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, please make checks payable to Lynn Breakers Soccer, 2 Meghans Way, Lynn, MA 01904.(Tax ID # 46-4443496),


I will NOT be attending tonight's LSC meeting. It will be an importantonewith a VOTE that willbe CRUCIAL to the future of education in  Lynn. Iam stalking about the make-up of the screening committee for the selection of a new principals.Luckily I will be watching from the comfort of my couch. I was thinking....remember how CAROL BURNETT used to end her TV shows? I was wondering if somebody from the committee would tug on their ear as a little shout out to me?

Why are they even thinking about rescinding the motion on screening committee make-up made by JOHN FORD and seconded by CHARLIE GALLO.

One theory is that they want to limit parent and community involvement so they have a little more control insuring the hiring of the right princiPALS.

How people actually vote will be interesting. Why don't you give these people a call and give them a little direction.

ChairmanMayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy(781)
23 Buchanan Circle
Lynn | 01902
Vice ChairPatricia M. CapaLuckily I will be watchingno(781)
105 Range Heights Road Lynn | 01904
MembersDonna M. Coppola(781)
300 Lynn Shore Drive
#700 | Lynn | 01902
Maria O. Carrasco(781)
301 Maple Street
Lynn | 01904
John E. Ford, Jr.(781)
89 Woodman Street
Lynn | 01905
Charlie N. Gallo(781)
650 Boston Street
Lynn | 01905
Richard B. Starbard(781)
221 Verona Street
Lynn | 01904


Each with different protocol
but Rick wants one for all.

When safety is the main concern
everyone us eager to learn

from the practices of one another
when normally we would scream "Big Brother".

Starbard: Have safety be uniform


Lil'Lori makes a good point.....

According to the 2012-2013 data for Lynn, students whose first language is not English make up about 54.2% of our student population and those with
limited English proficiency make up about 17.5%. However, I learned at a meeting last night that there is only ONE bilingual social worker and ONE bilingual speech and language therapist in our district. We all know LPS lacks diversity in the staff they hire and that this is a concern for many, but I was still taken back last night when I heard this.


The person in charge of ELL is thereon ACTING status and I don't see no posting. Think of how IMPORTANT this position is. Now it became open due to a retirement in mid-year so one could maybe understand  the delay......


everyone knew this was coming and I've always heard....FOREWARNED IS FORARMED. So we should have been ready....right? I mean we got MCAS every year. Scores ar unfortunatelly important and tied to money. Hmmm.... maybe that is it, yeah if scores go down we will get more money and we can eliminate some pesky principals. Is it too much to ask of our leaders to lead?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Medical terminology not your bag? How about Intro to the Office Suite? Choose from hundreds of online courses, courtesy of the Lynn Public Library.


It has been a long time since we have visited the imaginary queendom of NESOPOTAMIA but a lull of real news has forced a return visit.

The EVIL QUEEN was angered by the people's rumblings about a revolt in some of her princiPALities. It seems there was an impending feud about the selection of the feudal leaders.

EQ pressured long-time loyalist PENNY CAVALIER to call for a cancellation of a proclamation put out tp limit her ability to run roughshod over the selection of who sees the overseen. Complicating this contraversy was the fact that two of her most trusted confidantes, CHUCKLES THE CLOWN and JOHN THE JOKESTER were fooled by the feud.

Because of personal desires to be taken seriously on a larger stage, this OPERA may be short a couple pennies.


Come Monday Feb. 4 the SPED PAC will have their first meeting of 2024. Everyone is encouraged to attend the 6 pm meeting in the TIGER'S DEN at LVTI on 90 Commercial Street.

Upcoming events will bediscussed and accessing available resources. Come learn what is SPECIAL about SPECIAL EDUCATION. Join the conversation so you can have a say in what's talked about.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Project YES, our very successful youth engagement program that is sponsored by North Shore Community College had one of its formal dinners tonight and the students who participated were dressed for success. These 8th grade leaders stopped by for a visit before heading down to the dinner. You all look great!


The following makes you wonder why the grad. rates are going in a different direction, doesn't it?

Some highlights:

-At Lynn Classical, four subgroups had graduation rates over 90%.

-The graduation rate for English Language Learner (ELL) students at Lynn Tech increased by 26.6%.

-Lynn's grad rate for low income students was higher than the state's overall statistic for this same subgroup.


You got to love it when two members of the Mustang basketball team got a head start on their homework at Swampscott tonight. Brando and Matheus were caught doing homework while waiting for the girls to finish their game. As for the results of the games: the Mustangs beat the Big Blue, while the Lady Mustangs played well, but were edged out by the Lady Blue. Good job to all of the members of both teams...and a special shout out to those who snuck in some homework!


There is a vote next Thursday to TAKE AWAY the parent and community input in picking YOUR child's next principal. Call your school committee members and let them know how you feel.

ChairmanMayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy(781)
23 Buchanan Circle
Lynn | 01902
Vice ChairPatricia M. Capano(781)
105 Range Heights Road Lynn | 01904
MembersDonna M. Coppola(781)
300 Lynn Shore Drive
#700 | Lynn | 01902
Maria O. Carrasco(781)
301 Maple Street
Lynn | 01904
John E. Ford, Jr.(781)
89 Woodman Street
Lynn | 01905
Charlie N. Gallo(781)
650 Boston Street
Lynn | 01905
Richard B. Starbard(781)
221 Verona Street
Lynn | 01904


Thamks to Northeast ARC six I-pads with appicable traing was donated to the COACHprogram at SHOEMAKER SCHOOL This exciting because there is tons of research out there extolling the virtues of the benefits of the devices.

I would like to give credit to whomever is responsible for us receiving this donation. I do wonder how LPS hustifies the salaries of the full time grants writerand part-time private partnership person. There are other people who we pay who write for grants too. All or most of the principals applt for various grants. Dr. Wu was responsible for securing truckloads of winter coats (Especially appreciated lately), I just want to be sure we are getting our money's worth.

At first I was glad to see the Grants subcommittee meeting this Thursday, finally maybe we are going to get some answers to the accountability questions I've been asking.



instead we are going to deal with 501 (c)(3) stuff. Are you kidding me? I know tax laws are brutul. The IRS,those boys don't play. CHUCK is a lawyer hiself and he proposed bringing back this committee a couple years ago. He has been taking credit for it ever since liking it and therefore him to the Second coming.

Looks like maybe those out of town businesses want some tax credit for donating to Lynn schools. They can spend our money just fine but......

Hey, it's just business and well it's the American way......Do unto others if you can take it off your taxes.

Monday, January 27, 2014


This Thursday is an Open House at school from 2:30- 4:30. This particular Open House is for teacher/parent conferences. Please be courteous to other parents and wait outside the classroom until it is your time.
Progress reports for the 2nd trimester go home on Friday. Make sure you check your child's backpack.


I don't know why she thinks posting on my blog will let the administration know of her complaints. Nobody says they even read it. Too busy with pencils and papers and such.

Lori D'Amico I am sure the SC and district wishes I would just drop this and ignore their non-compliance, but I absolutely will not! I sent the following email yesterday to the school committee: 
As I have mentioned before, I believe school council meeting minutes should be available and accessible to all parents and the community without having to submit a formal public records request and possibly being charged fees. Since Dr. Latham currently does not make these minutes available to parents and the community without a formal public records request, I am requesting the information from you, the school committee. 

According to the policy, "the Superintendent shall receive agendas and minutes of all school council meetings. The Superintendent shall provide copies of these materials to members of the School Committee for information." Therefore, each of you should have copies of all the minutes from every school council meeting that has taken place this school year. However, I am only requesting the minutes, not the agendas, from the first school council meeting that each and every school (all 25 schools) had this school year. 

If you are not willing to provide me with this information without submitting a formal public records request to Dr. Latham, please let me know by Tuesday, January 28.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Here is something to think about. I am not going to offer an opinion and that is like a huge sacrifice for me. It pains me so but in the interest of objectivity I will taste my bottom lip.

Last election cycle our Mayor who is also the CHAIRMAN OF THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE fired an aide, GARDY for mounting a campaign against a sitting STATE DELEGATE in his own party (which happened not to be the party the MAYOR was part of and city office is nonpartisan anyway).

Not only did he loose subsequent lawsuits and/or complaints to the relevant commissions,GARDY even failed to get enough signatures to get his name on the ballot for the primary. Oh, he ran a sticker campaign but the only thing that stuck was his LABEL as loser.

Fast forward it one election cycle, now we have two members of a committee our MAYOR heads up, two white members again from the opposite party, so I wonder what happens next. Of course she does not have the authority to dismiss them. They were duly elected in their own right.

Still it seems to me that the case for CONFLICT OF INTEREST is just as strong. Will our MAYOR who has not been afraid to go against the grain and call for their resignations? Probably not (Sorry I promised no opinion but hey, it's what I do).

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The vote on the SCREENING COMMITTEE will frame
who's for the parents and who is just lame.

We'll find out where your loyalties lie.
So supporting the super if you try

you'll lose the next election
for for the price of her protection.


Boy, I can't wait for Thursday night's LSC meeting. I guess that explains my writing EARLY on what is sure to be a CONTENTIOUS matter. I guess some people are a little slow about what they passed or they read the WATCH and realized what they had done.



You see, the fact that JOHN FORD made the motion for the screening committee changes and CHARLIE GALLO seconded the motion which reflected HIS own tweaks makes them changing their votes now QUITE problematic.

In case you haven't heard, BOTH JOHN and CHUCK are running for STATE DELEGATE. A change now would put them on the side of CATHE, because the Screening Committee changes thereby limiting her power, and positioning them as being ANTI-PARENT. Unless the U.S. Constitution changed just recently, in the UPCOMING election CATHE would have ONE vote and all the parents, well they might have a few more.

Of course, if any of them are foolish enough to change their vote, I am sure they will try and put a nice SPIN on it. I promise you this, if a vote to rescind is passed. I will end up falling down at my keyboard because I'll put so much BACKSPIN on my reporting on it that because my writing made me DIZZY.

You see if in fact enough people, especially certain people, want to face political persecution by positioning themselves as anti-parent, anti-community then I am sure somebody will step up to force another PUBLIC HEARING. It's not hard to do, only 150 signatures on a petition. I bet someone will get some NASTY press.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


Looks like FORD SCHOOL and my college have similar missions - REACHING FOR THE STARS!

NASA Partnership Enhancing WVWC Physics/Engineering Offerings


Lynn Rotary Teacher Of The Year Award | 2013-2014
RotaryThe Rotary Club of Lynn Announces Plans for the Lynn Teacher of the Year Award with the Focus on “Service above Self”

In May, 2014, the Rotary Club of Lynn will present its first annual awards ceremony to recognize outstanding professional educators in Lynn and call attention to the importance of service to the community. The Rotary Club of Lynn is soliciting nominations from all Lynn schools, public and private. Winning recipients will each receive a cash award as will their school.

EXTRAS Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser
May 17 at 7:00pm
Extras for Creative Learning in Lynn, Massachusetts


Has the ITEM been reading the WATCH again? Cause I think I told you about this a few days ago:

Well I am glad they finally got to it because not everybody reads the WATCH. I mean,not everybody speaks my language.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Field filling up in wake of Walsh announcement
Jan 22, 2014 | 3:00 am

Does anyone else find it concerning that one-third of the LYNN SCHOOL COMMITTEE is/are prepared to prepared to ABANDON the children of LYNN in order to advance their own political career. Both JOHN THE RIPPER and CHUCK are ready to run.

Even if one of them would move on, I am too far down the list to move up and I would rather see them stick around to nake it easier to hold them accountable for the UPCOMING MARSHALL MESS.


  • Friends and Family are invited to donate Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) or more to College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P) between now and April 5, 2014. C.A.E.P. is a 501 (C) 3 Not for Profit Organization. Donations are fully tax deductible. Donations should be made payable to College Application Education Project, Inc. (C.A.E.P.) 4 Adams Street Ext., Lynn, MA 01902. Card Card Donation should be made via PayPal online at Support Page.

    The mission of the College Application Education Project, Inc. is to set up an institutional mechanism and a community structure whereby parents and middle school and high school students of all cultures can receive direct college preparation. This training assists them with career development, college preparation, admissions, and financial applications.

    Results will be posted on Monday, April 7, 2014.

    For more information contact C.A.E.P. at 781-595-1022 or via email at

    Twitter: CAEProject

    Consider having your next event or function at C.A.E.P. 270 Union Street, Lynn, MA 01901, 781-596-0760,

Monday, January 20, 2014


"Each year [Nancy] Mades-Byrd requires her eighth grade students to choose a side on a given issue, research and write a paper to support it. In the past topics have been mundane issues, but when Mades-Byrd stumbled across an article “The Killer in the Pool,” from Outside magazine, she thought she’d found a topic her students would really like.

“They had some very strong opinions, some were very passionate,” she said. “We had some real debates.”


Once again the entire LSC used of valueable time parading a meaningless symbolic hesture before the cameras last Thirsday night, The resolution expressing the committee's opposition to CHARTER SCHOOLS was passed around for all to sign. Someone pointed out with a little snicker that they had already gotten some press in the BOSTON GLOBE for their action.

Far be from me to position myself as a champion of charters but how maany meetings have been missed since the adoption of that powerless proclamation? Instead of whining about what has now become settled law why not spend that time developing straties to address the deficiences that mandate their establishment. They will collapse upon themselves due to their drive for profit instead of their oerceived penchant for education.


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