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Monday, February 28, 2011

Who Spends What For Who?

I was talking to a teacher who brought up an interesting fact that begs for further discussion. Evidently the teacher's union was approached last year to give up one of their personal days in order to prevent lay offs. Unlike the previous two years, the members of the union voted to refuse.

I know 70 notices were sent out but I don't know how many if any were actually laid off. This teacher says no body actually was. I don't know but I have been noticing new jobs being created every time I read the agenda for the school committee meetings. I hear threats of possible teacher layoffs again.

Someone give me an accounting lesson so I can understand how we can afford a new deputy superintendent while our direct line teachers get ultimatums about sacrifice. Must be that new math.

This Could Mean A Career Change If I Had A Career

Boy as my numbers grow I seem to hear more things,, strange crazy things. Maybe that's just the voices in my head talking. After all I have had significant brain damage. That is an indisputable medical fact.Maybe I should quit blogging and spend all of my time writing fictional mystery thrillers.

Some great ideas I've heard revolve around arrests, summons, leaks, cover-ups, and conspiracy theories. This is the stuff of best-sellers. There is definite potential for a movie deal. Any suggestions on who could pay me? Watch your answers, I warn you - My pen is loaded.

Have You Heard This Before?

Like I have been saying, we need to get ahead of the coming storm. First though we need to secure our own house and stop wasting money at the top and start spending it on people and things that DIRECTLY impact our kids. Follow the law and you won't need to spend so much on lawyers, deputies, and secretaries.

Rise in cases of autism a burden, says NSCC’s Burton

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New State Ethics Policy

The LSC adopted a policy put forth by the State Ethics Commission. The policy limits the gifts that school department personnel to under $50. That doesn't mean that students can't bring an apple to their teacher, it just means you can't bring the whole bushel.

I want to clearly point out that I am not bound by any such regulations. Any attempts to bribe me or sway my opinions will be weighed in accordance with the size of the bribe. I do however reserve the right to write about t

Confidentials, Deputies, and "Coach K", Oh My!, Confidential, Deputies, and "Coach K", Oh My!

You know I was looking over the agenda for the last LSC meeting, the one they post on line, looking for  something to write about and I noticed a couple of peculiar things. Maybe I'm reading this stuff all wrong, I'm not that educated. Have I told you I'm from WV.

The first interesting thing I saw thing I saw on the second page was the appointment of a Confidential Secretary to the Department Head in the Superintendent's Office. Is that person assigned directly to the superintendent or a department head? If it is to a department head, which department are we talking about? It seems a little funny making this appointment with he current state of the ongoing lawsuit over the SPED Confidential Secretary. On top of that there was also the request for the creation of a new deputy superintendent's position. Someone call Nate Berkus, there must be a whole lo of redecorating going on. We got to dress things up to make our five failing schools presentable.

Then, on page 5 was the announcement of the appointment of Theodore Karonis as a SPED teacher at Ford. That was "Coach K" remember him? The effective date for the appointment was Sept. 7th. Well he has already been fired. No mention of that.  When he was let go, no mention then, either. As he was a "probationary employee", no reason was legally necessary. It seems to me if your goal is simply to have the best education for the students possible you would e falling all over yourself putting that out there.

I don't know. Strange things. Does anybody see a pattern?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is Lynn Public Schools Suffering From Over Exposure?

My posting on Confidential Secretaries has had almost 4 times as many hits as the next one on my "Hit Parade". What does that say about the way Lynn does the business of education?

It seems to me that we have exposed a culture of secrecy, especially in the Special Ed. department where the CS worked. Funny, because in an area where there are probably the most "strings" attached, there seems an abundance of alleged violations. I guess I answered my own question, because if people knew all the secrets there would be still more allegations. Viscous cycle.

In the past, it seems like either hauling them into court or at least issuing a credible threat was the only way to get action. What a waste of resources.  The cost is more than the $500 or so legal fees. I also takes us off point, off goal. Instead of education, we think about protection.

Participation is the cheapest, most effective deterrent for prevention of abuse. Parent involvement brings things to light and you know what they say about cockroaches  when you turn on the light. It's time for a little solar extermination. With every body's help, "The Watch" shines on.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Something big is happening in Lynn's education of our kids. Parents WANT to be involved. As this blog's readership shows, we WANT information. No, we DEMAND it.

The old way of doing business with secret deals and INTIMIDATION is no longer going to work. For years we have heard that parents don't want to be involved, if that was ever truly true, it surely isn't now.

I challenge the so-called leaders of our school department to come to the discussion or risked being silenced by the beat of our marching drum. I am willingly to go to any PTO meeting or gathering of parents to spread the word of the WATCH.

All we want is information so we can make unformed decisions.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Show Up And Be Counted, Whenever It Is

I got a question today, "When is the next LSC meeting?". I had to answer I wasn't sure. I talked this morning with LSC member Donna Coppola and she wasn't even sure. There is always lots of calender shuffling. What was certain was that the law or regs. or whatever states you can't have a committee meeting if there is no school.

What was certain is that the volume of my traffic has been over 200 hits a day for my blog. We need to transform that level of interest into bodies in the seats. A large audience holds them accountable for their actions. Let's not miss this opportunity to show our interest in the welfare of our kids.

There are lots of crucial votes to be taken, plans to be made, and fates to be decided. The law says a meeting has to be posted 48 hours before the actual time of the meeting. With the mix-up with the posting of the last meeting I am not sure of how happy the LSC and the school administration would be to see a crowd of interested parents. There is always lots of talk about lack of public interest but maybe that's what they want.

Show up and call their bluff. I'll let you know as soon as I know. In the meantime, keep helping the Watch to grow.

Say What?

What does this story say, I mean really say?

Callahan kids fashion homemade weapons

The Item did a good job of reporting of the occurrence. But the facts seem to say more, much more.

The fact that Starbard was the only LSC member who was asked about the problem was a little disconcerting because it begs other questions like "Was he the only school official aware of the problem?". The answer to that question was answered when he he indicated that the superintendent's office was unaware. It is true that they can't be expected to know every single incident that happens, but on the same token they can not selectively micromanage schools.

On a good note, it also shows the power of the Internet as an effective learning tool. Let's make lemonade.

Everybody's Talking At Me!

Hey LSC look at my number. People are interested in what's happening with education in Lynn. This blog was started in mid July back when I still had cataracts (the typos in those old postings showed it) and it looks like I'll break the 10,000 hit mark in early march..

We are learning things, we are sharing things, and we are wanting things. We want the best education for our kids and we want to hold those accountable who are charged with and paid for that task. Can you hear us now?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Own Spring Training

I am so happy my son is involved in an after school activity at Pickering. Once a week he is involved in a "mock trial" club. This activity should spread throughout the Lynn Public School system. They could start their own developmental league. We would be fostering our own talent for future lawyers. "Home  Grown", yeah we will be getting a family discount.

Surely someone in the administration has the vision to see how this would benefit us long term. I mean with all the lawsuits coming up over the debacle we call special ed. and the creation of new top level positions while crowding more kids into classrooms while reducing the number of teachers with direct contact with our students.

Maybe we can funnel our future savings in legal fees into a retreat to maintain retention in our top level administrators. There is a precedent where some of our city employees spent time in Vegas. You know what they say, "What happens in Vegas, ....." You complete the rest.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Joke Is On Us

During the last LSC  meeting Dr. Latham presented Certificates of Academic Excellence to two students from each of the three high schools in Lynn. After reading off a litany of accomplishments from each of the well deserving students, Dr. Latham laughingly remarked that these individuals should be doing her job. These accomplishments included very high GPA's, Latin Awards, and Soccer accomplishments. Heck one girl had to hobble up on crutches from a basketball injury to claim her certificate.

Some of the girls listed their babysitting experience as part of their resume. Dr. Latham laughingly tried to drum up business for the girls. I am sure she was sincere and confident about her ability to persuade people to follow her advice, she was fresh off her victory, convincing the Personnel Sub-committee of her need for a new Deputy Superintendent.

You would think after hearing of all that these students were able to accomplish, she would have been too embarrassed to bring her need for help up to the full committee but she was able to get sympathy from 5 members to help reduce her burden overseeing 5 failing schools. Only LSC members Starbard and Coppola refused invitations to the pity party. I'm just saying....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Special Ed. Ain't So Special

It has been brought to my attention that the special education department of Lynn Public Schools is in shambles. C'mon tell me something I don't know,

Let's look at the size of it first, well over 2000 kids. If you want the exact number call some bean counters down there. But wait, just where is there? You could call Latham's office but the special ed. dept. is not even in her building.

How can the superintendent manage such a huge satellite office? What results is splinter groups that pursue their own agendas or vendettas, whatever the case may be. This results in costly, unknown lawsuits and astronomically expensive out of district placements. And I hear those placements are not equitably given.

With the numbers for newly diagnosed cases of autism or spectrum disorders exploding, the future looks bleak for the practice of business as usual. We need to make our voices heard and the ballot boxes are listening!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Audit Anyone?

It seems that at least somebody is reading this blog. I, of source was at the LSC meeting where the approval was voted on to post the position. Rick Starbard asked a very poignant question but wasn't given a very clear answer. Part of the argument attempting to justify creating this new position was the increased workload due to the elimination of ten positions from last year's budget. This meant an increased workload. However Starbard pointed out that they had gotten a report on the "Race To The Top" grant by a newly appointed program specialist and wondered just how many other "new" positions had been created. No clear cut answer was given.

Donna Coppola pointed out that this "new position" would almost automatically create still another $50,000 a year position since a new Confidential Secretary would be needed. Lynn Public Schools are already embroiled in a costly lawsuit involving another Confidential Secretary. Who knows how much resolution of that case will cost.

We are spending all of this money and we still have 5 failing schools and I think only 3 schools in the city that made AYP. It is time for an audit of the finances of the Lynn Public Schools so we can know just where we are spending our money and who is spending it.

I personally think anyone who voted for this "new" position should be voted out of office come next election. The only exception I would make is Maria Carrasco who was "bullied" into voting in sub-committee meeting to even allow the full committee to vote. In the past Carrasco stood beside the mayor, myself and a couple others to thwart the superintendents attempt to crush the NASA program at Ford.

Committee member Patricia Capano felt that the new deputy position because of the long hours put in by Dr. Latham. I wonder how many teachers out there put in long hours for a lot less than the $160,000 a year that Dr. Latham makes?

Lynn super under fire for request

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stand For Our Kids, Stand To Be Counted

The city provides at least half the money for the school budget (I'd give you the exact amount but you know how I am with that math stuff). To me, this means our councilmen are somewhat accountable. Sure the superintendent has a great deal of latitude with the funds but you can't tell me that the holders of the purse strings have no influence.

So what can we do, what should we do. They should be made aware of the things going on with our schools They have some degree of responsibility, some accountability.  Call them, write them. Let them now of your opinion on the feasibility of adding a deputy superintendent's position.  Is this the best spending of our tax dollars? What is the value of such an investment when our classes are overcrowded and our elementary libraries closed?

Maybe our kids can't vote but we as parents can.

What You Can Do

Hey if Twitter can be used so that Oprah's audience can surprise her with a new dance why can't we used the growing social media to keep everyone informed on what's going on with our schools? After all our kids are more important than some club dance, even if it was something from the Black Eyed Peas.

Eat your vegetables and re-post. Follow the Watch.

Who's To Blame For The State Of Our Schools?

Everybody has their favorite whipping boy. Those blasted unions, teachers don't have to do anything and you can't fire them. Or maybe it's the administration, after all they get these exorbitant salaries, promote their friends making an unnecessary layer of educators who have no direct contact with our kids. Maybe it's the parents, since they waste all that time working putting food on the table.

Why are we wasting time playing the blame game? We need to all work together to find solutions. Our schools are FAILING, we need to spend our time and energy on helping he victims, our children.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Deals, No Way!

Please I would ask that the mayor and the school  administration continue their rigid position in regards to any resolution of the lawsuit involving confidential secretaries. I mean I gives me something to write about and my numbers are up. WAY UP.

I'm learning things, hearing things. I've got more stories to write. Think of me. I mean I'm poor, I can't work at my job any more because of my stupid cane. So what dragging your feet is going to cost the taxpayers more money, I mean taxes will still be due.

Only our kids truly suffer and they are young. They will grow out of it.

A Pause From Our Sponsor

Let me take a break from all this craziness to acknowledge a former Ford School graduate and mother who has volunteered her time the past few days and helped me in the library,  Angie Tejero. The library has never looked better. Her invaluable help testifies to what a community school is all about. Are you listening, Dr. Latham?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When was the last time the Item did a story on Lynn Public Schools? Do you remember what it was about? I can't but admittedly I do have brain damage from an injury almost 30 years ago so I am not the sharpest blade in the drawer.

I won't waste your time asking about the Lynn Journal, The point of the matter is that this is a critical time and our education system needs all of the examination and discussion we can provide. Our children's future depends on it. Let's think of ourselves for a minute. Who's going to take care of us when we are old and dependant? Some of us are closer to that point than others.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Does The Postman Always Ring Twice At Lynn Schools?

Because so many of the administrators live so far out of Lynn they can't hear the bell ring.

Is this true? Is it wrong? I can't say absolutely, I don't exchange Christmas cards with any of them. But once again, I hear things. As for being wrong, I'm a poet remember not a lawyer who is familiar with the letter of the residency regulations. The only letters I know about are scarlet ones.

It just seems to me that if these people want to take our money,  they at least ought to pay taxes here. That's just my opinion. Call me crazy.

How To Join The Race

I am sure Dr. Latham and her newly appointed program specialist in charge of the "Race To The Top" monies are overwhelmed keeping track of all our failing schools so I took the liberty of forwarding this article on all of the excitement and new uses of some of the new educational initiatives. Don't thank me, anything to help.

Like an e mail I got suggested, a committee should be formed to maximize the use of these funds.

Who's Watching Our Money?

Is the proposed new Deputy Superintendent position absolutely necessary in these tight fiscal times? Rick Starbard and Donna Coppola don't think so. They voted in the minority, 5 to 2 aginst the position. I agree with them.

Let's think about the cost creating such a position would cost. I don't know the exact cost but I would guess a little less than $150,000 a year. That would buy a lot of new books. Excuse me for being partial to books, must be from the fumes in the library.

Really the question is: "How much direct contact is this new deputy superintendent going to have with our kids?".

When was the last time your kid got to see Dr. Latham or Dr. Wary? I don't mean to diminish the importance of the work they do. it's just that I don't think right now we can afford the luxury of making their jobs easier.. Is being a parent getting any easier?

"Hands Off! Don't Get Any Funny Ideas"

Last Thursday night's LSC meeting a report was given by the appointed program specialist in charge of the "Race To The Top" grant money. Like I said previously, we were told what we can't spend the money on. Missing from the monologue was what we "could" spend the money on.

Well to be honest that was not completely true, I mean we were told about general expenditures about data. I don't like the "New Math" or any math for that matter. Numbers scare me.

It would have been nice to hear what others districts are doing with the money. Thirteen districts are not even getting any money.

I am sure it is just a coincidence we have all this grant money available and suddenly we can afford to create a new Deputy Superintendent's position even though our classes are overcrowded and our libraries are closed. I guess I should have studied math in school because to me, it just doesn't add up.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lynn Is Burning!

Wow! I had 269 hits yesterday. I hear things, now more things. It seems that some positions that are about to be filled and there are rumors the interviews to be conducted are just for show because the selections are predetermined.

I would hope that is not the case. We want and even demand our administrators to be fair to be honest. The job goes to the best person. That's the American way. Is it the Lynn way?

One of the things I also heard was the selection for the new Deputy Superintendent job already had a name linked to it. The approval for posting the position was only granted Thur. night. Rumors are not fact but remember the old adage about smoke. Like Smokey Bear says, "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires"

Why Have I Been Sending Copies Of The Watch To Council?

Well it's not just because I like seeing my numbers go up. Although I have to admit it's been pretty heady to see my readership skyrocket. Me, an unemployed disabled wanna be poet.

The fact of the matter is that the city of Lynn subsidizes 50% of the school budget. I don't have to throw any more numbers at you to make you realize that is a significant amount. Now the mayor chairs the committee so if there is any financial mismanagement going on, she should know about it. Council on the other hand, has no representative. Checks and balances, you know.

Hopefully they are giving careful and deliberate thought to the things I'm bringing up and not just hitting the delete button. I guess we'll see who is interested come election time.

Sweet Dreams, Lynn Public Schools!

It seems there are a lot of questions surrounding how what little money our school system has is spent. People have made decisions that it is wiser to spend money on litigation rather than education. That doesn't make sense to me. It appears that those same people are placing their egos before their, rather our pocketbook.

This sad because I have learned the hard way through all my dealings with probate court, there are no winners, only losers. When you really get down to it who will pay for our educators lesson? Not them because they get paid either way. Not even our taxpayers because, our taxes are a fixed cost regardless of the quality of our education. Sadly it is our students, our children who will pay the price.

We our mortgaging our future to support our habit for status quo.  I hope everyone can sleep well tonight!

Looking For Answers, Not Love

Boy with all the medical problems surrounding the Lynn Public Schools. it makes me wonder where my investigation should take me. OSHA, EPA, or maybe I should just yell, "What up, Oprah?".

The uncontested facts are the person who was in charge of the SPED dept. had a stroke, the Hood principal had a similar problem, and allegedly a Confidential Secretary was moved for medical reasons. If anybody knows of any others please let me know. I want to be thorough. I mean, how can be fair if I don't know all the facts?

All for now, Scoop over and out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Scoop Or Talk Soup? I Think I'll Snoop!

Sorry for the corny title but I'm a poor starving poet at heart. Boy there may be a very interesting story brewing. In the words of a movie mobster, "I hear things!".

Some of the things I hear revolve around the Confidential Secretary position and alleged violations of civil law. The two parties are so far apart, somebody is obviously dishonest. I guess it's up to me to find out the truth. I've got nothing else to do and I am beholden to no one since I DON'T HAVE A JOB' I'M JUST A POOR DISABLED POET WHO VOLUNTEERS IN THE LIBRARY!

People are talking and they say they know where the bodies are buried! All for now, over and out - Scoop.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Public Service Annoucement

Today has been the busiest day ever in my blog's history and I want to reiterate "No Rats Were Harmed As A Result Of Today's Postings", at least none of the four legged furry kind!

Maybe We Pay Our Bills With Funny Money

Thursday night's LSC meeting was full of rather controversial decisions, issues and stuff. Packed into that boring Personnel sub-committee meeting was a rather dubious decision. It seems that Dr. Latham, last years Lynn Journal "Woman of the Year" claims to be in need of another Deputy Superintendent. The current workload of administering our 26 or so schools (5 of which are failing) is too much.

There is no doubt it is a formidable task but so is being a parent and I don't get to add an extra parent just because I feel overwhelmed sometimes. The LSC members on  the sub-committee are as follows: Donna Coppola - chair, Maria Carrasco, and Patricia Capano.

The proposal seemed to be going down to defeat in the sub-committee, which meant it would not be brought before the whole committee. The battle lined up like this, Donna Coppola was against it and Patricia Capano argued for it. Maria Carrasco appeared to be leaning towards voting no. However after repeatably offering her opinion that the matter should be brought up before the full committee for discussion. At this point, Maria succumbed to the bullying tactics of Capano and voted to bring the matter before the whole committee.

When it did come up before there wasn't much discussion.  The vote to post the position was quickly taken and not surprisingly the measure past with Patricia Capano, Vinnie Spirito, John Ford, and Maria Carrasco voting in favor of the addition, while Donna Coppola and Rick Starbard voting no.

Dr. Latham offered testimony that she thought she could cover at least half of the new position's salary with "grant" money. he failed to be specific about where this grant money would come from. In lieu of some unspecified "grant" monies she was sure she could cover it with the current school budget.

Really? We have overcrowded classrooms, 5 failing schools (Level 3 or 4), and physical plant problems at most if not all our city's schools..How could the superintendent have extra money squirreled away? Must be because she used to be a math teacher. Numbers are probably more favorable to her than most of us that have to pay our bills.

Who's Money Is It Anyway?

The mood of most of the members of the LSC was clearly disappointed after hearing the report from the program specialist in charge of administering  the "Race To The Top" grant monies. This was a newly created position this year.

Some LSC  members asked questions about hiring back teachers, reducing classes sizes, extending the school day but those and other ideas were shot down. According to her interpretation of the grant criteria, "it's all about the data, baby!".

I 've read the brochure and I don't quite interpret it that way but I am not a lawyer maybe she is. Anyway I am sure she is more educated than me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Public Confidential

Before last night's LSC meeting they had a Personnel sub-committee meeting. There was a lot of talk about the Confidential secretaries who gets them, how many there are, and who gets called back from layoff.

There used to be six or eight and I think it was reduced to 4 this year and when Dr. Latham's CS, Pat Bucko, retired in Dec. a position opened up for a callback. A discussion was held in which it was explained that they weren't in the same bargaining unit as the rest of the school employees.  I was a boring discussion about seniority and union business.

However things got exciting after that meeting during the open forum before the regular LSC meeting when laid-off CS Holly tried to speak, vice-chair Patricia Capano shot her down because she said that specific personnel matters could not be discussed before the committee so Holly was silenced.

Being an inquisitive person I approached Holly during the break offering to tell her story. I gave her a flyer about Lynn School Watch and gave her my e mail address. She was seemingly eager to provide me with more info.  I was excited about the prospects of playing investigative journalist. But in reality Holly told me she had two lawyers and she probably won't be allowed to tell me much. Shucks, I was hoping to get a new nickname. "Scoop Wotring" , yeah that's it.

Oh well, stay tuned.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tangled Webs?

Rick Starbard directed me to the  school dept. web site which indicates a meeting. I laughingly blamed my mistake on my brain damage. Mary Ellen Palermo wrote me that she talked to Maria Carrasco who told her there was a meeting. I called Donna Coppola who not only confirmed tonight's meeting, she's giving me a ride.

Let's juxtapose that a minute with a few other interesting facts. I had my wife print out for me the Lynn city calender clearly listing the meeting as canceled. She also printed out for me the calender for today at which while it indicates school committee meetings in Saugus and Swampscott, Lynn is notoriously absent.

Given last week's secret meeting about the garden at Ingalls, this is setting a pattern that does not bode well for Lynn Public Schools.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Money, Money. Show Me The Money. Our Schools Are Failing, Why Aren't We Meeting?

Follow the money, that's how you are supposed to investigate whether or not decisions are made in your best interest. The problem is some one has to leave a trail.LSC member, Rick Starbard commented on my last post that there was a LSC meeting tomorrow night.

Since I have great respect for Rick, I thought maybe I had looked at the calender wrong so I rechecked it on the city's web site and found that it was listed as canceled. Usually they mail out agendas to the schools and they haven't received one at Ford.

Remembering hearing school department attorney Mihos talking about the 48 hour posting requirement, I called city hall. The operator directed me to the city council (coincidence?) who directed me to the school department. They were closed for the day. I will check again tomorrow with more people but the facts are  that either there is no meeting, leading to speculation about why the avoidance or laws may being broken about proper notice. I don't know, I'm just a volunteer librarian and a parent.

Is Something Being Hidden?

I just went on line to check about Thur. meeting of the LSC to double check the agenda and to my surprise it has been canceled. Why? There has not been a meeting in two months and then only one each in November and December. There are so many problems, so many questions. What are we doing, where are we going?

Can anybody say fiduciary responsibility? Can I spell it?

Where Is All The Money Gone?

With all the drama surrounding the chief financial officer in Lynn it begs the question what's going on with the school department's handling of both the "Race To The Top" money and the governor's 4 million dollars of grant money. We were promised an accounting of the proposed expenditures in January back in December Then there was the weather, a real snow job.

I am hoping for a full accounting Thur. night.'s LSC meeting. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What Are The Hills Alive With?

Some excitement today in the library! No a lost, original manuscript of Harry Potter wasn't found, nor the funding for the restoration of the "real" librarians wasn't found. I got introduced the new music teacher. I apologize for not remembering his name, but I was so excited that the cries for more  more attention to a complete education won't be so off-key.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's Snow Getting Around It!

Well I'm glad to see the Item finally getting around to doing a story about what all these snow days mean to this year's school calender. Unfortunately the problems caused by this and future snows this winter are not over. We all know what comes with melting. The damage is not over.

Let's not forget the other story about the effects of an uncertain schedule. I know I'm from WV but I didn't know this was the first year that it snowed in Massachusetts. These are problems that should have been anticipated. We need to look at how we devise our school calenders going forward. Have I said that before?

I've got plenty of questions, just looking for some answers.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Roofs, Snows, and Repairs

The different news medias are full of stories about collapsing roofs so naturally it does make me wonder about the structural integrity of our schools. Hopefully this bad weather will energize our school officials to redouble their efforts to secure money for school repairs.We have a lot of older schools throughout Lynn in disrepair.Oh yeah, we have a lot snow too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Take LVTI From Failure To The Front

This article illustrates what I was just saying about Lynn VoTech. Instead of failing, it should be leading our schools into the future. I would hope the superintendent and the school committee come up to bolster this school and allow it to take its place at the forefront of modern education. We are lucky to have this school.
                                                             (cut and paste)

Did The Superintendent See Her Shadow?

Now that the groundhog has not seen his shadow, what does that mean for Lynn schools? With all of these snow days questions arise about the length of the school calender. How late in June will we go? Will the Winter or Spring break be effected? Of course we could always go on Saturdays in order to insure we get the required 180 days.

Cancelling school all of these days has been necessary. Safety first. We just need to face the fact we live where we live and plan accordingly. The time to plan is before and not after stuff happens. We need to seriously examine our school calender going forward.

I don't know the answers, I just have questions. I know that's the easy part but I'm not as educated as those people in the school department. I'm just gonna get a cup of coffee and read some Robert Frost poetry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Diamond In The Rough

It blows my mind that Lynn Tech is one of the five schools in Lynn that are failing. It is not only failing but it's enrollment. I don't have the actual statistics in front of me so if I'm wrong on any of this I hopesomebody will correct me.

In today's employment market, the technology driven trades should be all the rage in this school of practical education. The doors of the institution should be busting at the seams instead of suffering a declining enrollment. With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education poised to lead our economy in the future, questions abound about how our educational administrators both let the school decline to this point and how they expect to rescue the students.

I have not toured the school and have only actually been in a couple of rooms but I did have a step-son graduate from the auto body program a couple of years ago. It just seems to be a fresh, exciting place to learn about real life. If we just started with enough enthusiasm about the wonderful, practical,and real opportunities available there, that that enthusiasm would be contagious. As I have said before, it's all about presentation. We need our leaders to present well.